10 fitness influencers

New Year’s Resolutions are part of 2021 as much as fitness should be part of your New Year’s Resolutions. So why wait? You should definitely get that body of yours to work with the help of  these 10 fitness influencers I know of. I guess that should be part of the plan this year, since there’s not much to hope for with the ongoing pandemic. Looking at the current state of the world right, it’s hard to convince ourselves that this year is going to be a lot easier that last year. But even if that’s the case, I do believe that taking care of our bodies can be the best thing that could happen in 2021. Fortunately I have a list of 10 fitness influencers you should follow

Let’s face it, in 2020 we might not have thought of working out because the the pandemic caught us all off gut. Being stuck in the house for the long period of quarantine hasn’t been fun at all. And for some reasons that might have messed up other people’s work out routine. But I’m hoping that this year we can do better. And since we’re still in the early days of 2021, I’m rooting for you, myself and them to grab this opportunity and take care of our bodies.

So if ever you’re in need of any motivation because it can get hard hitting the gym without a push, I have curated a list for you. Lucky enough, this list consists of 10 fitness influencers who know everything and anything about workouts. Whether you’re trying to grow your ass or tone your abs, these women will be your guiding spirit all the way. Interestingly you can find them on Instagram and you’d be amazed that there are millions of people following them for the same reason. Now let me have the honor of introducing them to you.

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10 fitness influencers
(Instagram:Stephanie Sanzo)

Starting off the list of our 10 fitness influencers is Stephanie Sanzo. She is a fitness trainer who’s biggest goal is staying fit at all times. Thanks to her Instagram handle, we get to see what she spends most of her time doing which is lifting all the time. Stephanie hits the gym on a regular basis but she also lifts while at home. This mom of two isn’t ashamed to flaunt her big thighs and tones abs. Technically she serves motivation + confidence goals.


10 fitness influencers
(Instagram: Lauren Simpson)

Next on the list we have Lauren Simpson. This babe prides herself for being the female transformation online coach. You can find that on her Instagram bio. She boosts a total of 2 million followers who are quite impressed her content. Not only is she a fitness influencer but also a businesswoman who has capitalized on the content she offers on Instagram. Once you visit her Insta page you’ll also get the chance to explore her other two fitness pages.


10 fitness influencers
(Instagram: Camilla Akerberg)

Ever considered yoga as your fitness routine? Well, thank god I have the right person for you. Camilla Akerberg is the influencer you should be following right away after reading this. Based in Tulum Mexico, this Instagram sweetheart is all about chasing scenic views and sandy beaches while staying fit at the same time. She’s a yoga and fitness couch and that’s what makes her a bonus.

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10 fitness influencers
(Instagram: Jen Selter)

The list wouldn’t be complete without the one and only Jen Selter. Famously known for sharing butt selfies, Selter is the woman who popularized the #squats on Instagram. She has literally grown her ass by simply using different squatting techniques that you can find on her page. Her butt isn’t genetically enhanced, trust me.


10 fitness influencers
(Instagram: Hanna Oberg)

I think I might have just found you the best online fitness trainer that can walk this journey with you. Hanna Oberg is inviting everyone and I when I say everyone I mean even you to come work out with her. Isn’t it amazing that you’re getting an invitation before you even hit the follow button. Well, I guess you can consider this as her kindest gesture to get you fit all year long.


Instagram Influencers
(Instagram: Senada Greca)

Meet Senada Greca who proudly labels herself as the ‘mastermind of creative workouts’. And yes she means business by that. So if you’re looking for intense workouts of any kind, Senada got you covered. She has workout programs that you can purchase on her site if you’re looking for more quicker result. You better check her out sister.


Instagram influencers
(Instagram: Georgina Rodriguez)

Next on the list is Georgina Rodriguez, the most stylish fitness model on Instagram. To many, she might be known as the fiancée of football player Cristiano Ronaldo. But Georgina has built a name for herself on the social media and traditional media for being a fitness buff. She often shares videos of herself enhancing her butt muscles with squats at home. Ans sometimes she hits the gym with her boo CR7. Now that’s what I call partners in crime.

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Instagram Influencer
(Instagram: Pamela Reif)

Pamela Reif is your go-to girl if you’re considering a healthy lifestyle for the entire year. This German bombshell managed to make a name for herself by simply staying fit and healthy. She’s a boss babe who owns an organic snack brand called Naturally Pam. Also she’s a Forbes 30 under 30 alum and I believe there’s so much you can grasp if you visit her Insta page.


Instagram influencer
(Instagram: Anita Herbert)

Are you looking to start your fitness journey right away? Then I recommend you follow Anita Herbert ASAP. Interestingly when you sign up for her Fearless Challenge you get a free ebook (I love freebies). Believe it or not Anita has helped many women all around the world transform their derriere to what’s dubbed as the FitQueen Booty. So why would you want to miss out on this opportunity?


Instagram influencer
(Instagram: Anllela Sagra)

Anllela Sagra has the most toned abs on the gram that I have ever seen and I suggest you follow her if you want these results. She has tons of videos where she can be seen working out. You’ll literally have millions of options available for you to choose from. But keep in mind, Anllela might seem like a soft babe, but she isn’t for the faint-hearted.

There you have it queens. This is the list that you can use to your advantage to find the right fitness motivation that best suit your needs. After all, we all need someone we can relate to while we’re busy drawing inspiration. So take your time to figure out where your interest lies, because each one of these women on the list is ready for you.

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