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11 Women Rocking The Savage x Fenty Lingerie On Instagram

Believe it or not, Savage x Fenty is the new thing on Instagram. Back in 2018 Rihanna broke boundaries when she decided to launch her Savage x Fenty. The underwear brand received lot of positive reviews considering the fact that it embraced inclusivity. Plus size women always felt alienated by lingerie brands such as Victoria Secrets that only embraced the smallest size.

The Savage x Fenty show made history when it recruited women of all shapes to model on the show. For the first time ever, plus size models and size 4/6 models were staged on the same show. As a result inclusivity became the biggest aspect that made the brand to amass such a huge clientele.

These days owning a piece from Savage x Fenty is a trend and women don’t shy away to flaunt their flesh. So let’s take a look at 11 women who are slaying in their underwear on Instagram.

Melii wearing savage x fenty
(Image: Malii/Instagram)

Starting off the list we have Malii. The 22 year old rapper is famously known for her hit track “No Hard Feelings”. Back in 2017 she released a bilingual version of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” which went viral. Rihanna once shared a Fenty Beauty product preview on Instagram while Malii’s single “Icey” was playing in the background. So it’s no surprise why Malii is returning the favor to RiRi by modeling her underwear.

Ivonne Alas Day
(Image: Ivonne Alas/Instagram)

Next on the list we have Ivonne Day. This Latin model is exactly who you should follow if you want to see what confidence and body positivity are made of. She’s a fashion and beauty influencer. As you can see, she’s matching her Savage x Fenty purple set with purple hair. Oh! Girls just wanna have fun.

(Image: Jarline/Instagram)

Jarline is a whole snack inside the metallic stars underwear sets. The whole pattern is funky and ideal for a long cozy day in the house. What a sexy way to quarantine? Mmh God bless thick thighs.

Melissa Frances
(Image: Melissa Frances/Instagram)

Sexiness is defined by the amount of lace a woman put underneath her clothes. And we can’t deny that Melissa Frances is undeniably sexy. This beauty is also a social media manager based in LA. I suggest you go and check out her colorful Instagram account and you will know what she embodies.

Nicole Williams aka justtnic
(Image: Justtnic/Instagram)

Are you familiar with the Nia Lynn collection? Well, guess what? Justtnic is the founder of the swimwear brand. Insane right…I know. The bombshell’s real name is Nicole Williams and she’s English. Not only is she savage by posing in her lingerie during daylight. She also flaughts her body in her Nia Lynn swimwear. Now that’s what we call women supporting each other.

Hayley Herms
(Image: Hayley Herms/Instagram)

Have you ever heard of the saying “thick thighs save lives”? Ms. Herms is indeed saving us all. This LA based model is also a fitness freak. FYI she’s not trying to lose weight, because she’s confident in her own body. Just look at her slaying like nobody’s business. You do you girl!

Stassie Baby
(Image: Stassiebaby/Instagram)

Look who made it on the list. The one and only Stassiebaby aka Kylie Jenner’s sidekick. You’re probably familiar with the face, because it is all over Jenner’s Instagram account. Now behold and peal this hottie like a banana with your eyes inside that yellow set. Ok I get it; that’s enough.

Victoria Villarroel
(Image: Victoria Villarroel/Instagram)

It seems like we got few of Kylie Jenner’s girl gang members. Victoria Villarroel used to be Kylie’s assistance before she decided to pursue her career as an influencer. Although this Latin beauty is no longer working for Jenner, she has managed to be part of Kylie’s inner circle. Frankly she must’ve learned so much from her. I mean, look at that pose. FYI a sponsored post from her account can cost you a total $10,000 and upwards. Yep, she mean business.

Normani in Savage x Fenty
(Image: Normani/Instagram)

And we have the first ever official ambassador of Savage x Fenty. Normani stole RiRi’s heart last year when she released a sigle “Motivation”. The businesswoman quickly booked Normani to perform on the show after being impressed by her dance moves. She’s totally bringing a motivation to the brand.

Rihanna Savage x Fenty
(Image: Rihanna/Instagram)

All hail to the queen. The list was going to be incomplete without her. Bad-gal-RiRi is a whole snack inside the black set. She sent everyone into frenzy when she posted the pic on Instagram updating us about the spring collection. We still can’t get enough of what this island girl is serving.


Let me know who you think deserves to be on the list.




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