4 Effective Ways To Be An Assertive Boss Lady

Women are often labelled as difficult when they’re assertive. But should being assertive really be something most women are ashamed of? Well I don’t think we should even be scared of it. As a matter of fact, this is a quality that each lady out there should posses. Knowing that labeling is what people often do when they feel threatened by your presence or achievements will change your mindset. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a situation wherein you’re able to make peace with being labelled as difficult.

For what I know is that. Jennifer Lopez has been labelled as being difficult and so did Gabrielle Union. I’ve read couple of articles about these women being criticized by people who’ve worked with them. And what I can say is that I’m very impressed with how they chose to handle themselves. They remain unapologetic for knowing their worth and not tolerating anything that downgrade their standards. And for me personally, that’s the true definition of being boss and assertive at your own right.

So if ever you might feel like you’re tired of limiting yourself simply because of fear of labelling then consider my guide. I have curated for easy ways that you can master and in no particular time you’ll be assertive.

Be outspoken

Occasionally women force themselves to defy their own opinions and stick to obeying the tradition. Mainly, this can happen when the woman is trying to protect a man’s ego. But ignoring and underestimating your own beliefs does make you more of woman with deeds, if that’s what men tell you. Don’t be reluctant to speak your truth simply because you’re afraid to offend other people.

When it comes to your truth, you shouldn’t consider putting other people first. It’s you and your truth, a perfect duo that it the priority. Other things will come secondly. However if anybody holds you accountable for prioritizing your opinions then they might be too selfish. When push comes to shove, you stand up and state your truth unapologetically so.

Be smart

A woman can be judged on two things only, either her mindset or character. You might succeed in getting your acts together and convince everybody that you can stand your ground. But if your mindset is shallow, then I’m afraid you are most likely to be defeated. Since you’re a woman, men will always target your mindset because they have their own myths that most women are dumb.

Excising your mind will give you the advantage of thinking and acting smart at all times. Do not have a conservative mindset because it will influence you act out of emotion. Rather think outside the box and put yourself in other people’s shoes. It will give you the advantage of understanding how most people think, that I can assure you. In that way you’ll outsmart everybody successfully, even the ones who think you’re stupid.

Be confident

Probably you’ve been told numerous times to be confident. And I can only imagine how you feel about this unattainable norm.  The truth is, everything you do is entirely characterized by your confidence. How you carry yourself really matters when it comes to the people listening to you. For instance, do you think people will take an order from someone who reluctantly commands them?

The answer is No. Your staffers of anyone else will listen to you if you know what you’re talking about. Also your body language should back your words. When your words state something then your actions should mean it. And that’s what being assertive means.

Have reasons

For everything that you say, you must always have reasons to back your statements. Somebody who’s got the ability to reason has always been dubbed clever. Hence that’s why you should see the necessity of reasoning at all times. Giving people a ‘because’ followed by few doubtful words doesn’t make a strong reason. Tell them facts if it’s necessary. Remember that you’re not trying to prove to anyone that you’re can argue but that you know what you’re talking about.

Keep calm when you reason. Never let your emotions of trying to be believed overpower you. Remember when a conversation is emotional, it only gets personally. Even if they don’t believe you, it’s not your fault that they’re foolish. Look them straight in the eyes and continue backing your statements confidently. Most importantly stay relevant and never say more than you should.

Quote of the day

You’ll always be dubbed difficult by people who are trying to handle you easily. But never be ashamed for not being suitable for everyone to handle, because not everyone is powerful.


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