Smart Investments

If there’s one thing that the covid-19 pandemic has taught us is the importance of smart investments. The pandemic forced the entire world to go on lockdown in a short period of two months. As a result businesses had to shut down temporally and others permanently leaving many people jobless. The unemployment rate surged at a very alarming rate driving people to vacate the cities back to the village. Most people found themselves moving back in with their parents and friends waiting for things to get back to normal.

Yet again in the midst of the pandemic we also got to see that people who made smart investments in the past were getting richer each day. For instance, Elon Musk began 2020 with a net worth that sat at $20 billion but each and every month those numbers kept on increasing. And in January of 2021 he was declared the richest man in the world. So with this given scenario, I know you’re obviously wondering why things played out this way.

Now before you start conspiring that life is a scam because the rich are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer, you should understand one thing. There are lot of factors that influences our way of living as much as they distinguish us from one another. If you’re wondering why many people are poor and few are rich it’s simply because of decision-making skills.

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Having the ability to make the best decisions in life has rewarded people with abundant wealth. The same decision-making skills influence them to make smart investments that will help to secure their future. The reason why most people were broke amid the pandemic is because they lacked the skills to make good decisions. Making investments is a good decision. However the majority didn’t know it until they were broke, jobless and squatting in their parents’ basement.

What are smart investments?

I take it that you’re probably thinking that any kind of investment involves money. But I’m here to correct that misconception that has deceived you for so many years. Investment is a commitment of something (time, energy and effort) in a project with expectations of worthwhile results. So any form of commitment that will earn you something in future is an investment.

That being said, in this article I’m going to focus on only two commitments that you can make in order to invest big in assets. These commitments are time and money. It’s important to know that there’s no investment worth more than time. Surprisingly time is a sort of wealth in disguise, but our society don’t know this fact and that’s why time is taken for granted. So knowing where to invest your money can be your most genius move. Below I have curated assets that worth investing your time and money in.

Personal brand

Investing in oneself is the smartest thing that any woman can do in 2021. I remember when I turned twenty I made a made a promise to invest all my time in building myself. The goal was to grind tirelessly in all my 20s so that I can relax and focus on other things in my 30s. Building a personal brand is what most women are doing these days. And if by any means you have been skeptical about building one for yourself, now is the time to learn.

The good news is having a personal brand will earn you passive income through collaborations and sales of your own products. But the bad news is that it’s not easy to build a brand. You have to brainstorm and innovate new ideas that will distinguish you from the rest. And in order to do all of that is by when you invest your time in it. Investing every minute that you have each day to work consistently will result in a well-built personal brand.

Interestingly a well-built brand is able to win people’s attention and trust. People will flock wherever you put your name/image on, be it in a collaboration or a conference. You want to know why? That’s because in a well-built personal brand your image and name matters the most.

Online entrepreneur Vanessa Lau’s personal brand generates her over a million dollars in revenue. In her first first year of business Vanessa was able to make half a million selling online courses amongst other things.


You need plenty of time to brainstorm new ideas – ideas that can be worth billions if they’re carefully launched. Some labels intense thinking as fantasying. But I’m here to tell you that every filthy rich person in the world had crazy ideas in the past. People like Kanye West who are often misunderstood for their crazy big ideas are creative geniuses who are able to see what most of us can’t see. And for some reason that kind of creativity landed him on the Forbes’ billionaires list.

Creativity is fortune. However if you do not know how to implement those creative ideas in the real world then they might just turn out to be fantasies. Women shouldn’t only be limited to the beauty and fashion industry. There is more you can do as a woman if you invest your time in thinking and nurturing ideas.

For example, Kris Jenner is the renowned genius of our generation. She managed to build a billion dollar empire by leveraging her family affairs. Who knew that people could be emotionally invested in other people’s lives. The truth is, the Kardashian Jenner clan is selling people their fantasies and that’s how they make their fortune.

 Real Estate

Surely I wouldn’t complete the list of smart investments without mentioning real estate. Ladies, I don’t know how hard I can stress this – real estate is profitable. Chances that you loss in real estate are extremely slim. Whether you choose to buy, flip and then sell properties or you simply want to invest in rental properties, you’ll still win big.

Honestly you must’ve read so many articles telling you that you should invest in real estate. And I’m here to tell you the same thing. What makes real estate the best asset to invest in is that properties increase in value. This value increase annually meaning that the numbers in your bank account will also skyrocket.

Samantha Debianchi is dominating the real estate industry. She has grown her firm Debianchi Real Estate to become the most trusted and famous in Florida. Her clientele include rich investors and celebrities. Surely you can learn so much from her by just following her on Instagram.


Last but certainly not least, stocks are on of the smart investments you can make in 2012. Out of all the assets in the world that are worth your money, stocks happens to be best. Although this kind of investment can be labeled as delicate, you should know that in order to make money you should take risks. I won’t lie, the odds of winning and losing in stock investment are 50/50. Yet again if you choose to consider the 50% chance of losing then you might as well miss out the 50% chance of winning.

To make things easier you can either read books about stock investing or follow IG pages about stock investing. These are the source that will give you guidance on where you should put your money in.

There you have it ladies, these are the 4 smart investments you can make in 2021. Use your time wisely to better yourself and be part of the 1% percent of wealthy people in the world.



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