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4 Things That Will Come Naturally If You Focus On Your Business Growth

Ever imagined the things that your business growth can bring you? If you have then you’re most likely aware of the importance of business growth. And if the thought has not yet hit the back of your head, I’m here to highlight the fruitfulness of business growth. It’s not easy to venture on a startup and have the necessary patience needed to endure any challenge. Sometimes, you might focus on profit rather than the growth of your business. Well, that’s because you know that when you start making money there’s plenty you can do for yourself.

Yet still, some women would rather opt for spoiling themselves with all the luxury that the world can offer. Thus they might not be familiar with the fruitful results of a growing business. It is predicted that most women would prefer to spend more money on a lavish lifestyle than founding a business. And I totally understand how fulfilling it can get once you finally afford that Gucci bag.  The first thing of course that you will do is to take a snap and post it on Instagram. Perhaps that’s why women don’t hesitate to save up thousands for one luxury item.

But as a woman, do you know that starting a business is a bigger investment than buying a luxury bag? Well if you didn’t know, think of what kind of a business you can start with a $4000 that you saved up for a Chanel dress. Apparently, venturing on a startup and focusing more on the growth will enable you to live the lifestyle of your choice at the end of the day. So below I have curated a list of the things that will come naturally when you focus on business growth.

The luxury closet

Women would literally starve themselves and abstain from outings with friends just to save up for a Dior purse worth few thousand dollars. I hate to say this but it isn’t rare for a woman to spend $10000 on luxury shopping spree. For someone who is financially wise, they would rather invest that amount of money in starting a business. I’m not going to lie, getting your business off the ground can be very challenging. But the patience and endurance you’re going to invest in that business will be worth it at the end of the day.

It’s wise to know that a luxury closet will not fund your needs throughout the course of your life. As a matter of fact it will be the other way around. You’ll always be the one that funds the closet to be full of luxurious clothes. Every time a new pair of Jimmy Choo heels come up you’ll have to starve yourself again in order to afford them. So for now let’s put aside the quality of the luxury items and focus on the fact. A Gucci bag isn’t the best investment but a social status. You know it very well that you’ll attract attention when they see you holding one and that’s why you buy it in the first place.

The truth is, luxury brands will always be a necessity for you because you cannot afford them. But a businesswoman will not see Gucci sunglasses as a need rather as a want. So what I’m saying is that your business growth will finally pay off at the end of the day. You’ll only sacrifice once to fund your startup and tomorrow that startup will fund your luxury closet. So before you spend all your savings on a luxury item you should think of how a business will enable you to afford all the thing you want.

Weekend getaway overseas

Two women, one wise and the other one is stupid. Both of them are given $5000 each. One of them opt to go on a weekend getaway overseas while the other one invest all that money in a startup. Now, tell me which one is wise? It is the one who founded a business. It is simply because she knows that on the later stage of her business she will be able to afford any kind of vacation. See, the most important lesson you should know is that in life we don’t make investments for today.

Intelligent people think of tomorrow more than they think of today. And that is why their investments are long term. You should refrain from spending the money that’s supposed to secure your future and waste it on making memories. If you focus on today, you’ll never have anything left for tomorrow. Thus you will be back to the starting point. Such things as traveling will come naturally as your business begins to grow.

You’ll be obliged to travel to attend business conferences or charity events throughout the course of being a businesswoman. And the money that you’ll spend financing your trip wouldn’t be a waste. Why? Because on a business trip you’ll learn valuable lessons and expand your company through connections. However, this is the fact that not everyone is aware of. Businesspeople are the most travelling beings in the world spending only a short period of time at their homes. Take this into account that a business trip can also be turned into pleasure. So forget about that weekend getaway for now and focus on your business growth.


Money makes the world go round and round. Without ideas to generate money you might as well lead a purposeless life. Money is the motivation in disguise of the things you do in life. You work because you want to earn money for living. And you start a business to make profit. At the end of the day, it’s your choice how you plan to generate your income. But did you know that that people who make profit have a better chance of living life to the fullest?

Every other financially wise person will tell you that money makes more money on itself more than someone who receives a salary. Bare in mind that your consistency in your business growth will pay off with a greater profit. The truth about entrepreneurship is that it’s quite tricky and that’s why people fail at it. Intelligent businesspeople focus on growing their companies more than they focus on profit. You might want to know why is that so. The answer is that, in life you shouldn’t chase money. However you should find things that attract money.

Now do you believe me when I say your business growth will influence consumers’ interest, thus profit will come naturally? Take a look at every rich person out there in the world. Do you hear them stressing about their income? No they don’t. The only pressure they feel is expansion because they know that the results will be fruitful. So if you’re dump, you’ll put extra efforts on your 9-5 job just to get an increase at work. And for some reasons you’ll think the money that is left after paying all your expenses is your profit to live life to the fullest.

Lavish lifestyle

If you study the life on social media you’ll be aware that people are good at acting. Everyday people act as if they’re living the good life. From posing in front of a Ferrari to vacationing in Bali, you’ll surely be convinced.  But the truth is, what you see on social media is what most people dream of every time. Now, you need to understand that it’s not what they have. Anyone can save up money to go to Dubai and rent a sports car for a day. And few people would rather find ways to develop their businesses so they can end up affording the sports car.

Focus is what you need to hit any milestone in life. Focused people are the ones who are leading the lavish lifestyle. They’re not acting. Everything is real because they made long term investments. If for a day you can succeed in convincing yourself to not believe everything you see on social media, you can definitely do more. It means you can convince yourself to not feel pressurized by the lavish lifestyle on social media.

All it takes is dedication to build your tomorrow starting today. Honestly, things tomorrow will not be the same as they are today. Put everything on a vision board and start working hard. Hard work pays off – hard work pays off. These are the words you’ve been hearing since you were still at school. And I’m still going to say them to you. The growth of your business holds such a desirable future for you. It’s just that you don’t know. Perhaps the suspense is important to motivate you to work hard so you can finally see what tomorrow will bring.

Quote of the day

It’s wise to invest your time in one thing that will eventually attracts all the things you have ever wanted in life, rather than spending all your time in pursuing all those things one by one only to end up achieving none at the end of the day.

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