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4 Times Erikah Marie And Malaika Terry Served Friendship Goals

Friendship is often regarded as a treasure in a girl’s life. The idea of having someone by your side who’s always ready whenever to ride-or-die with you is everything. And it’s fascinating how much Instagram has become the platform of documenting friendship. Well, it’s all thanks to people like Erikah Marie and Malaika Terry who never get tired to serving real goals. From the likes of Kylie Jenner and Stassiebaby, we already know what it means to be besties and influential at the same time. But for now, all eyes on Erika Marie and Malaika Terry because they’ve been stealing the limelight more recently.

We’re not quite sure when exactly their friendship was born. But the way they have each other’s backs, we can say their friendship goes way back before Instagram. Isn’t it amazing that now we’ll have a period called Before Christ and a period called Before Instagram? Back to the duo, the truth is Erikah Marie and Malaika Terry have this solid friendship that has become an inspiration. Let’s face it, it’s girls like Erikah Marie and Malaika Terry that make friendship look like a girl’s fabulous way of living.

You deserve friends that brag about you behind your back

With that in mind, we’ve stalked the besties on Instagram to find some of their pics together. Technically, we feel like these snaps are the proof of the friendship goals they’ve been serving. And so it was in our greatest pleasure to curate the moments for you to envy as well. That’s because these girls have everything that you can ever wish for in a companionship.

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Erikah Marie and Malaika Terry

Now this pic had to come first on this list by any means. Just look at how these two hotties are stunning in their green with envy outfits. Somehow they’ve proven to us that color blindness isn’t what they embody. With these bright color, it’s safe to say that they do not play by the rules.

Erikah Marie and Malaika

Secondly, we have this one of a kind snap that left us wagging tongues. Erikah and Malaika are literally slaying this whole twinning trend in their matching swimwear. They’re flaunting their toned-abs in striking poses that tell us that they can transform to anything. Besides, what a better way to show your workout result than to put on a swimwear

Erikah Marie and Malaika

Why have one brown skin girl while you can have two? Now that’s what I call double the trouble. Although twinning in matching outfits isn’t much of their style, I must admit that they’re good at it anyway. These little cute bodycon dresses from Fashion Nova really fits them like a glove.

Erikah Marie and Malaika

Then last but certainly not least we have this jaw-dropping pic. It’s definitely jaw-dropping because they’re serving what we call girls-with-curls goal. Also this pic has got what feels like Caribbean aura, reminding us that they’re totally island babes. No wonder why their feed is occasionally filled with some bad-girl RiRi kind of vibe.

In all possible ways Erikah and Malaika have proven to us that life can be pretty much interesting when you have someone. So it’s very important to stick with the people that understand your tone and aren’t constantly trying to lower your volume.


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