Molly Eskam is another internet personality that is making a name for herself. Throughout her career in social media Molly Eskam has been consistent in building her own brand. And the way I see it, she continues to thrive at every attempt. With big brands collaborations, Molly Eskam is surely enjoying the fruits of her own labor. So without further due let’s get to know one of our favorite influencers who are dominating Instagram. Here are five interesting facts about Molly Eskam.


She was born in September 29, 1998. As of now she’s still 21 looking forward to celebrate her birthday in two months time. She has lived in Carlsbad, California before she amassed popularity on social media.

Internet fame

Molly Eskam runs a successful vlog on YouTube that is named after her. She has 581 000 subscribers on her channel with a total number of 149 video. Occasionally Molly does collaborative videos with her fellow YouTuber RiceGum. On her Instagram page, Molly have such an fascinating following of 1.3 million. Yep. She has hit the million spot in 2018.

She’s a swimwear and lingerie model and in her feed you’ll find sexy snaps of her only half naked. She’s part of the popular tribe that calls itself “FashionNova partner” whenever they wear clothes from the brand.


Although Molly Eskam is only known to be an influencer, she has done a lot for herself outside the gram. She’s a model who has walked on the Courtney Allegra Runway Show. She has also appeared on popular music videos such as No Brainer. Yep. The very same song by DJ Khaled that featured lot of household names.

If you view closely, you’ll see that Molly is amongst those sexy babes flaunting their bodies on the music video. She even gave it a shout out on the day it was released urging her fans to go and check it out.


In 2018 when Molly turned 20 she bought herself a brand new Mercedes Benz C 300. Although she didn’t give her fans full snaps of it, she did mentioned that she has upgraded to a new model. Her car also made some guest appearances in some of her pictures. The Mercedes Benz has a pink plate that’s written Babe with a little cute bow at the bottom of it.

Then fast forward in 2019 Molly Eskam bought a Range Rover just days before her birthday. She posted a lengthy post explaining how much she was ecstatic for having achieved a dream of her 15-year old self. She was inspired by Kim Kardashian. Back in 2014 she posted a pic of Kim lying on top of her Range Rover captioning it ‘life goals’.

Molly Eskam
(Molly Eskam/Instagram)

Then in December she sent her Range Rover to be completely plated in pink. It came out just perfect like a Barbie dream.

Magazine Cover

Recently the lingerie model has graced the July issue of PlayBoy Australia as the cover girl. Her cover snaps were taken by her longtime photographer called PlayModePhoto. Days before she shared the cover on her Instagram, she did drop some hints about working on a major project. However none of her fans could guess what is was.

Molly Eskam
(Molly Eskam/Instagram)

This PlayBoy cover is by far Molly’s biggest achievement ever since she started her journey when she was 17. It’s so evident that she’s already at the peak of her career.

There you have it ladies – Molly Eskam isn’t only an influencer but also a PlayBoy playmate. Women like Molly are a good example of what it means to be a hustler. If you’re complaining that your journey is taking too long, remember that Molly started back in 2015.

The best things in life don’t come easy. You have to invest a lot in what you do and stay passionate all the time.


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