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5 Lessons From The Movie Little For Every Boss Lady

There are plenty of lessons from the movie Little that should be learned. For boss ladies who are running their own companies, this movie is definitely a must-watch. The first time I watched Little alone, I couldn’t help to notice that it is a movie for boss babes. Yes, I admit that it is a very hilarious movie but it is also an educative one to female entrepreneurs.  Out of all the movies that Tina Gordon has directed, I found these lessons from the movie Little fascinating. And I knew that if I didn’t compile a list I’d be dammed. So here’s a list of the five valuable lessons from the movie Little I think every female entrepreneur should learn.

Don’t be a bad person because people have been bad to you

We all have seen what kind of a person Jordan Sanders was from her teenage years to adulthood. She didn’t fit in the social groups that every kid was in and so as a result she was bullied. And just like any other person she eventually got tired of being bullied. Her parents told her that smart people become bosses when they’re old, thus no one bullies the boss. She worked so hard to become a boss babe not simply because of independence. However it was because she didn’t want to be bullied anymore.

What you should learn is that Jordan became a different person as boss. So just because her peers used to be awful to her, she adopted the personality of a bad person. She started being revengeful for the past years that her peers have mistreated her. But the worst part is that now she was being awful to the wrong people who didn’t do any harm to her. The people in her life had to suffer for what she has been put through as a kid by her peers.

And that’s not how life should be. If you’re boss you shouldn’t hold grudges because you’re going to be a horrible person. Just because you once had bad encounters with people from the past, that shouldn’t influence how you treat people in your present. Learn to let go of tragic experiences in order to be a good boss. If you have managed to survive the bullying in the past it means you’re a winner. Your employees don’t deserve to suffer for other people’s wrong doings. As much as your employees might be the easiest target for your tantrums, remember that they weren’t in your past.

Being a horrible boss won’t earn you respect

This is by far one of my favorite lessons from the movie Little. At one point in your life when you’re still learning the ropes of being a boss lady, you gonna think of be horrible. And believe me when I say you’re not going to choose to be horrible simply because you like being unfriendly. You’re going to be horrible because you want to be the most respected boss. I understand that for women it’s hard to earn that respect. From time to time you’ll be underestimated by your partner or even investors because of your gender. And so you’re going to become unfriendly to avoid that underestimation from your employees.

But respect and fear are completely two different things. In the movie Little, Jordan Sanders was feared by her workers. They didn’t respect her. They were intimidated by her because she was horrible, but she didn’t see anything wrong with it. For her personally, she felt safe from cruelty by simply being intimidating. And it’s quite reasonable for a woman who’s striving to make her voice heard loud and clear. But it’s not fair to the staff.

So as a boss lady, rather settle for an option that is going to advantage both parties. You’re a boss and you demand respect, then you should set boundaries. Those boundaries shouldn’t only cater to your personal needs, but they should also take your workers into consideration. If the office rules are fair to everybody then your employees won’t have a hard time in obeying them. In that way, it’s a win-win situation and everybody becomes happy.

Establish a friendly work environment

First let’s talk about that crazy scene on Little. The one that Jordan threw all the donuts in the bin saying she doesn’t want carbs in the office. Or maybe the other one that Jordan licked Scott’s apple and made him eat it right away during the meeting. Now that’s a good example of a non-friendly environment. During meetings nobody felt free at JSI. And y’all saw Melissa carrying anxiety pills with her because Jordan made her anxious.

The work environment shouldn’t be that way. Just because you’re the boss, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should oppress people. Give your employees a chance to brainstorm and explore their alternatives other than yours. Consider everybody’s idea regardless of their job position in your company. As a boss lady you shouldn’t ignore your PA’s suggestion as well because you believe they’re beneath you.

A friendly environment will ensure that every worker feel part of your company. Your employees mustn’t feel frightened to share their opinion with you. Always be open to new ideas fairly to everybody. You shouldn’t restrict what they do simply because you’re not doing it. I mean, if you’re on a diet not everybody should be a diet. You feel me?

Appreciate the ones that care for you

I always felt like April was overworked and not appreciated by Jordan Sanders. No matter how hard she tried to measure the distance of the cup of coffee on Jordan’s desk, it was never enough. Jordan Sanders couldn’t show her gratitude for what April does for her. And that’s not how things are supposed to be. Your PA deserves to be appreciated frequently regardless of being paid.

You must understand that paying people doesn’t mean they should be treated less like humans. Sometimes money doesn’t make up for all the unfairness that you inflict on people. As successful as you are in your company, it’s important to know that some people aren’t after what you have. When people are willing to take the bullet for you or catch you before you fall, the least you can do is being appreciative. And that’s just one of the most important lessons from the movie Little that you can learn.

You might not be able to show your gratitude all the time, but try when you can. Let them know how much they are important to you. The journey of entrepreneurship can be a lonely one. Don’t push or mistreat the people that care for you because you won’t enjoy your success. What will be the point of being successful if you don’t have people to share it with?

Boss ladies can too be in love

Do you remember young Jordan’s words? “I’m a boss, I can’t be heartbroken.” Now I must say that I found that phrase rather catchy. Apparently, most women who are in business are unlikely to be in relationships. They rather have a random boy to fool around with late at night or even on weekends. Jordan Sanders had Trevor dancing to J. Holiday’s bed song every night he came around. But she also saved his number as d-boi.

But anyway boss ladies, you should be open for love. Sometimes fooling around isn’t enough. You need emotional connection to feel normal. Building your empire shouldn’t be the one thing that you focus on. Women are undeniably powerful and capable of multi-tasking. So if a guy is worthy of your time and love, give it a try. You can’t be single because you’re a boss and you don’t want to be heartbroken.

All you have to know is that shit happens and when it happens you dust off yourself and move on. You will definitely heal along the way. Women aren’t entitled to have one thing only. There are so many available options that you can choose from. You can have love and success. You can have it all if you want. So be the boss babe at work and conquer the cooperate world. Then at home you be somebody’s beloved partner.


So these are the five lessons from the movie Little that I learned. I wanted to share with you so that next time when you watch the movie you become the best boss lady.

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