red wine

Red wine is a cherry on top for almost every occasion or even just an ordinary day. It is literally the first choice of wine for many around the globe. Although there’s a variation of good wines that you can actually choose from, red wine remains the best. The reason is merely that red wine is considered to be the most healthy. The journal Annals of Internal Medicine has mentioned the benefits of red wine. For people with type-2 diabetes, drinking red wine every night can help with their cholesterol and cardiac health.

And of course as much as we love red wine, it’s important to know that drinking it is an experience that still lacks in many people. There are few specific steps that you need to follow correctly so that you can savor the good flavor of wine. On the contrary, others are sipping it for the heck of it which is arguably incorrect. Interestingly, the taste of red wine is hidden behind its details. This means that paying special attention to the bottle whilst you out there shopping can be advantageous later on.

With that said, below I’ve listed the steps that you can probably follow to enjoy your red wine. Whether it’s your first time or you’re seeking a way to improve, I got you. Master every simple step and drink red wine like a pro.

Read the label of the bottle

We don’t start by opening the bottle and pouring it into a glass. The first thing you must do is to acquaint yourself with the basics about the type of wine you’re drinking. This can include, the age of the wine which also means that the more the wine is old the more its bitter and expensive. So don’t be fooled by the price tag that you end up opting for a 10 years old wine because you might not like it. After all not everyone finds bitter taste delicious.

Glassware choice

Red wine glasses are the most typical compared to other drinks. Obviously you have seen the choice of glass in movies and magazines. What you must do is choose a glass with a more rounded bowl. And that is a glass perfect for red wine.

Pour and Swirl

Now that you’ve picked the right glass of red wine, you can pour and swirl it before you sip. So the reason why more rounded bowl glass are ideal for red wine it’s because they give enough space to exude the rich aroma of ripped fruits. Observe whether the wine coats the sides of the glass when you swirl it. And if it does it can be an indication of the level of alcohol and sweetness in it. Always remember that opaque wines are from warmer places, therefore are spared a short period of time to age.

Sniff your glass of wine

Discover more hidden details about the type of wine you’re going to be drinking. By merely sticking your nose inside and inhaling the intense aroma, you’ll be able to know about its scent, flavor and age. Always make sure to put your nose close enough to the rim of your glass. You really don’t want to miss on the good aroma that tells all before you sip.

Now sip

You know how the wine smell like, then you can take a sip. Most importantly after the sip, you shouldn’t swallow right away. Let the small sip wash and grace your tongue. During this time, your taste buds will be analyzing the actual taste of the wine. Does it taste sweet or bitter? That’s when you’re going to find out. Once you’ve examined the flavor then you can swallow. What you should wait for next is the aftertaste that linger in your mouth after you’ve swallowed.

Like I mentioned before, drinking red wine is an experience and I can assure you that it’s worth mastering. Although it might amaze you that all along you’ve been drinking red wine the wrong way, it shouldn’t discourage you from learning. Take all the time that you have and practice until you master the process. In that way you’ll be able to indulge in the fantastic and fruity world of wines.

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