We love Olivia Pierson and for anyone who has visited her Instagram account will definitely understand why. Olivia Pierson is a true definition of a must-follow gram girl. Every pic that she shares on her Instagram is totally worth thousands of likes without any doubt. She and her cousin/bff Natalie Halcro have been persistent to serve us nothing but good trends to follow. And that’s why we love them that we even decided to stalk Olivia Pierson’s closet.

If you have been living under a rock, we are happy to give you a brief background. Olivia Pierson is one of the fastest rising starlet in Hollywood. Like the Kardashians, Olivia and her cousin Natalie are building their reality TV empire. Their reality show, Relatively Nat & LivRelatively Nat & Liv have been the talk of town since it’s premier last year. Yep, Olivia is that other hot chic on that E! show. And we are literally sure that you love their reality show as much as we do, I mean, what’s there not to like?

Olivia Pierson and her cousin that she star along in Relatively Nat & Nat are originally from Vancouver, Canada. They first got their start as Youtubers and bloggers sharing beauty tips. Crazy right? I know. Olivia Pierson is one of the elite that gained prominence online. You better start taking your online presence real serious because you might end up like her.

She’s a fashion designer and has co-founded Natliv collection that sells killer outfits. Now that explains her fashion sense. So without further due let’s talk real style.

Olivia Pierson’s top five mini-dresses

Olivia Pierson white dress
(Image: oliviapierson/Instagram)

Starting off the list is this white formal dress. We must admit that this dress is a winner. The long sleeve, the color and the design makes it very sophisticated. As you can see it compliments the color of her skin and hair. We really don’t know where Olivia was heading on this date. But you can try it when you go to meetings and office cocktail parties.

Olivia Pierson denim mini-dress
(Image: Olivia Pierson/Instagram)

Sweet lord! Look at this denim mini-dress. Isn’t it just perfect in every edge? First let’s talk about the fabric. It’s denim for heaven’s sake. And you know what they say, denim never goes out of style. This faded blue color is stylish and the buttons compliment it. Look at how it hugs her hourglass body. She is super dashing.

Blazer dress

Are you looking for a blazer dress? Well Liv has it and she knows how to slay in it. The color is calm yet it screams sophistication. Just like the white dress above, you can literally put this on the formal section of your closet. It is a sexy blazer dress with a simple belt around the waist. And the slits on the sleeves are on another level. All we can say is Wow.

Olivia Pierson leather mini-dress

What on earth is sexiness if isn’t leather. We must confess, Liv is undoubtedly a dangerous woman in this dress. It has buttons all the way down. What else can a girl literally ask for if not this masterpiece? We are obsessed with the shoulder pads and long sleeves. This dress checks all the boxes for us.

Olivia Pierson checked dress

Last but definitely not least, we have this checked dress. I mean, when last did you see a checked outfit? You just saw it now. Again, the long sleeves and shoulder pads are everything. We love the high-low hemline. It just makes the dress rather stylish and far less ordinary. That’s super duper!


There you have it, our top five mini-dress picks from Olivia Pierson’s online closet, we call it. She’s undoubtedly a trailblazer and if you’re looking for the latest trends you better follow her.

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