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5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Hot Bubble Bath

I love a hot bubble bath. As a matter of fact a hot bubble is my obsession and I’m proudly declaring it to y’all. There are many reasons that fuel that obsession of mine of course. If you didn’t know, then it’s time I let you know that anything that has a profound effect on me becomes my obsession. And when I start talking about a nice hot bubble bath in the evening, then I’m all gone to my fantasy.

Bathing in general has become a tradition in all continents. And for what I can say that tradition is still standing strong even today showing no sign of wavering. Thanks to curious minds and perfectionists, bathing has been advanced over the years. Lavish bath oils have been invented and tubs have been designed that supports your body entirely when you’re seated. Perhaps that’s why people like me and you don’t hesitate to spend hours in the bath until the water is cold. It’s all because of the comfortability of the tubs and heavenly scented oils.

If you’re a lover of a hot bubble bath then you surely understand what I’m saying. However your style of indulging in a long bath might be outdated. Hence, you do no longer bubble with excitement when you think of your next bath session. It’s always sad when it comes to that – you know when hot bubble baths doesn’t no longer affect you that much like before. Eventually you stop making time for those kind of moments because of lack of interest. The good news is I have simple ideas that can help you revive your next hot bubble bath session.

Drink a wine

Surely you’ve done this couple of times while bathing and you’re no longer doing it. But I’m here to tell you do it one more time. Do not drink wine for the sake of…well you have wine in your glass. Rather drink wine like a pro and you’ll enjoy the moment. Take your time to sniff the strong flavor of ripped fruits and let it transform your mood before you even taste it.

With the pure indulgence of the warm water scented with oils, there’s definitely plenty to enjoy and appreciates. Remember to not drink with a motive of getting drunk. Go all slow and allow every sip you take transform your whole body into a state of full relaxation. Honestly, a half glass of wine can last you for an hour if you drink it passionately. Try it and you might be surprised that all along you haven’t been drinking wine the right way.

Read a book

Please do not even think of leaning to Kindle for books. For once never allow technological advances spoil the moment. Keep things traditional and stick with the actual book. Make every moment of turning the pages worth it. I suggest you try reading romance and take yourself down the memory lane of what true love used to mean. Feel the pure meaning of every word and let the plot stir up your emotions.

There’s no need to hold yourself for being emotional responsive about things that touches your feelings and make you see life through different lenses. Perhaps reading love stories might give you a chance of understanding what real romance is. We’re unfortunate that these days that kind of Shakespearean romance isn’t documented in books anymore. What you’ll find in todays’ books is modern love characterized by sex. So in your hot bubble bath, grab the chance of educating yourself about real feelings and unbreakable bonds.


This one is my favorite. I tend to mediate whenever I’m socked in warm water despite being water-phobic. If you thought that you can only mediate in your garden then you’re terribly mistaken.  As long as you’re in a comfortable space that allows you to be calm, then you can mediate successfully. Remember meditation is all about silence and calming your mind.

Tilt your head back on the bath and close your eyes. Avoid any motions inside the water to make it still and quiet. Breathe in deeply and then out until your head is clear. This is not the time to solve problems but a moment to connect with your inner self. There’s plenty that we don’t know about ourselves simply because we never connect with our inner personas on a deeper level. You might just be amazed of what you can discover about you.

Listen to music

Just to clear the air, when I say listen to music I’m not taking about Migos or Taylor Swift. Nope. I’m not trying to set you up for a solo singalong in the bath. That will definitely mean no time for relaxing. So no lyrics – please. Put on a very sweet and romantic instrumental music. I swear it will feel like somebody is playing piano in the other room of your house.

No full blast, only keep the music on a lower volume so that the noise doesn’t steal much of your attention. After all, the reason why I say you should opt for instrumental music is because vocal music will get you singing. And for what I can say is that singing is ideal for the shower not for a hot bubble bath. The tune will set the mood and make you feel like you’re stuck in your own paradise.

Call your babe

Mmmh! What a time to exchange sweet nothings with your significant other. I know we’re all in quarantine and some of you might be unlucky to be not social-distancing with your lovers. But this will be the time to connect with him/her. You have the music that has already set the mood for you, then you must be probably wishing if babe was around. I mean instrumental music has the power to stir feelings up.

And the next thing you might find yourself in a situation wherein you’re longing for a sweet conversation. So what I’m implying is that you can actually grab the phone and heat things up. There are no restrictions. You can certainly go deeper and dirtier with the words as much as it pleasures you. Surely you know what you like to bring in a flirtation with your babe. So activate your naked flirty persona and get down with it.

There you have it folks. These are the simplest ideas that you can use to revive your hot bubble bath. I’m certain that you’re familiar with each one of them, it’s just that you didn’t know how to implement them. Anyway you’re welcome.


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