Reo Brydges is an open book and if you follow her Instagram account you’ll definitely agree with me. As much as the Insta land grows rapidly in popularity, young women like Reo Brydges are making names for themselves. It’s also interesting to know that each one of them start from scratch in perfecting their own craft.

Reo Brydges
(Reo Brydges/Instagram)

If you’ve been pretty lazy lately to dig around to discover new influencers, today I’m bringing you Reo Brydges. I’m pretty sure that what you’re about to learn about her will suddenly land you on her profile. Without any doubt you’ll be hooked by her latest post to click the follow button. Afterwards you’ll enjoying the good indulgence of scrolling down her feed.

So who is Reo Bridges? Find more interesting facts about her below.


Reo Brydges was born in South Africa in May 13 1998. Probably as of 2020 she’s 22 years of age. She is currently based in Johannesburg where she’s pursuing her career as an influencer. She doesn’t share much of her personal life including her family on social media.


Back in 2019 she participated in a major beauty contest that included other beauty queens from seven universities in South Africa. She took home the title of Miss Wits Varsity Cup 2019 beating other six contestants.

Skin condition

In a session of Q&A on Instagram one fan asked Reo is she has any skin conditions and the influencer responded candidly. She did mention that she has vitiligo and that her skin has been acting up lately. However it’s quite rare to see her skin condition since she’s always wearing makeup.

Lip fillers

When asked if she has ever underwent a body surgery Reo denied. She only admitted to have had lip fillers to have much plumper lips. (P.S if you’re trying to beat Kylie you gotta level up your pout game).

TV appearances

In 2019 she was featured on a South African reality show called Instapreneurs. The show documented the lives of influencers in the country, taking into account their income and online presence.


Reo Brydges is popularly known to have a solid friendship with South African proclaimed actress Amanda du-Pont. We’re still not quite sure how the two met but it’s obvious that they’ve become more of best buddies. They often share pictures of themselves together on Instagram and also tagging each other.

Reo Bridge is also in a relation with South African DJ/presenter Warras aka the Shady Lurker. Last year Reo shared the picture her and Warras at the beach wishing him a happy birthday.

There you have it Insta dwellers. I’m hoping that you go and check her out on her Instagram page. To your surprise you might discover more than I’ve mentioned.

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