In the center of the breathtaking brown desert lies Huacachina, an oasis that has been treasured for its history. For many tourists, coming to Huacachina means lot of things. The history and attractions of Huacachina have continued to be a magnet for worldwide tourists. There’s definitely nothing to take for granted in the oasis, with unfiltered environment that connects your soul to nature. Honestly, there are plenty of ways that one can make great memories in the desert – memories that will outlive anything in your mind.

Each day grants tourists a wonderful opportunity to hop on the bus and visit the desert. There’s almost everything you might need to get away from this world. Not only will you admire the gigantic sand dunes, but you’ll be pampered with the comfortability of the accommodation.

With that being said, let’s get you acquainted with some of the reasons why you should visits Huacachina. Perhaps when the world finally gets back to normal, you’ll set straight to this paradise. Here are seven reasons that can inspire you enough to go to Huacachina.

Take a stroll over the dunes


Technically, you can’t go to the desert without getting your feet dirty with dust. The way the dunes are so perfectly dreamy, you surely won’t hesitate to take a stroll. The dunes roll off from distance, giving you a clear glimpse of the beauty ahead of you.

Dune buggy cruise


Do you fancy yourself as an adrenaline junkie? Well these wandering dunes can help to give you the right amount of rush you need to feel alive – or even more. Dune buggy cruise is the most popular attraction in Huacachina. So you definitely don’t want to leave the oasis without honoring the tradition.

Paddle boats


There’s just a perfect spot for the longing souls seeking for a whirlwind romance. The side is full of boats for hire on a much cheaper price. You can enjoy the tranquil views of the beautiful lake with soft warm wind gusting every direction.

Heal yourself in the lake


As toxic as the lake might seem with dark greener water, most Peruvians come to this place for one reason only. And that’s swimming in the lake and coating their bodies with the mud. It is believed that the water consist of healing properties and therapeutic powers. You can test the water and see if this believe is true. Well that’s if you’re not water phobic.

Party in the oasis


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to party in the middle of the desert? Interestingly, the oasis hosts some of the best parties you can ever attend. Not even your college parties stand a chance. This place is always floating with backpackers, so it’s no surprise that on weekends the spirit of the desert comes to life with the help of good music.

If you’re really determined to get wasted in the oasis you can visit Huacaf’ckingchinas and Casa de Arena. These are the best places where you can lose yourself to the music.

Vineyards tour

Pisco sour

Are you a lover of good wines? Well even if you’re not, the district of Ica welcomes everyone who wants to explore the world of good wine. With only a 10 minutes drive from Huacachina to Ica, you’ll surely learn about the production of Pisco Sours – a Peruvian signature brandy.

Sunset gazing


So after everything is done and dusted , you can sit on the sand and watch the day goes by. As the evening begins creeping in, there’s amusing magic you’ll admire. When the sun sets and touches the line where the sky meets the dunes, the sand changes color. During the day you’ll realize that the desert if brown but during sunset it turns to orange or red. You really don’t want to miss the spectacular views of the sunsets.


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