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Urban dictionary describes bellebone as a woman who is excelling both in beauty and goodness. Well, I say bellebone is a female kickass who is going to rule the world without any man’s rules. So ladies excuse the definition.


Here you will find a best friend, sister and a mentor who will help you tackle female issues that you face in your everyday life. Trust me I know it can be sexy to pretend like you have everything under control in front of the crowd, but then when you close the door behind you, loneliness and misery start to attack. There is guidance, advice, love and comfort that you will find all wrapped up in one with a pink ribbon on it. But most importantly there is the PINK SPIRIT of feminism that bonds us together.

Like our slogan says, know your worth: I will teach you how to build your own successful empire. I believe that each an every woman is a queen at her own right, feminism is royal. So fix your crown queen because you are about to reign supremely.


Women in power, empower women


To exist in this era and connect all women with common interests, that is feminism and ambitions within a universal sorority.


I help to evaluate and validate millennial women’s values, teaching them how to groom their personalities to be the perfect fit for all the life departments that they wish to dominate. Most importantly I take pride in recognizing female social media influencers that use their platforms to advocate women’s needs and emerging/established entrepreneurs who are on the mission to change the game for every woman. I grant them the spotlight that many traditional media houses are failing to give simply because they are ignorant.


Inclusivity:  One of the main reasons why Bellebone came into existence in the first place is to bridge the gab between dependent and independent women. I also want to highlight on the beauty of inclusion of all shapes, colors, social statuses and beliefs. This is the perfect era to ignite our different sparks and be proud of being custom-born.

Independence: To survive and succeed without the aid of the other gender makes us badass bosses. We get to unlock our set of skills and take on different roles that society says we can’t.

Love: This should by all means be an innate experience before it becomes romantic. Loving ourselves first make us less vulnerable to fake love.

Power: Us women have an extreme influence on everything by nature. We can reach the heights of our abilities in all aspects of womankind.

Connection: A deeper sisterhood connection regardless of our backgrounds make us look out for each other, fight for those who can’t throw fists, be the voice of those who are denied the freedom to express themselves and understand each other on a deeper level without judging each other for our life choices.

Beauty: Beauty is royal. Every women should own it and slay like a queen. We deserve respect in all areas of life.

Ethic: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Women. Any choice we make to fulfill our feminist interests is considered ethical. We’re all women and we have our own way of expressing ourselves; be it politically, sexually or religiously.


Bellebone uplifts and empowers women to launch their billion dollar dreams and update to the latest versions of themselves. I celebrate and give credit to female innovations and inventions. I couch them to make right life choices and give them strength to bounce back when they are down. Last but not least, I help them revamp their energy and engagement in their aspects such as career, education, dreams and relationships. And of course parenting.



Pink Spirit


Feminism doesn’t have color, and if ever we think pigmentation is of superior significance then we should paint it Pink