It’s vacation o’clock! Who would’ve thought that we’ll all live to see this day? I mean honestly I didn’t. But I don’t know about Addison Rae. Perhaps she’s been bracing up and praying for better days like the ones in Utah. What I can say is that Addison Rae is a TikTok star who doesn’t mind filming herself doing a Toosie Slide dance challenge in her living room. After all that’s what TikTok stars do. They hardly rely on the outside environment for content. However despite all the aforementioned advantages, still at the end of the day a vacation wouldn’t hurt.

Addison Rae

Recently Rae packed her bags and headed to Utah for a little refreshment. Her work has been keeping her busy all quarantine long and now it’s time to rest. And what could possibly be the best way to rest than to escape to Utah? The TikTok star is accompanied by her mom Sheri Nicole amongst other people and they have been living it up.

Sheri Nicole

Utah is no stranger to high-profiled figures stopping by for peace of mind. Earlier this year Kylie Jenner also paid a visit with her sister Kendall Jenner and Fai Khadra in Utah enjoying their quarantine there. The Jenner sisters didn’t hesitate to inundate our feed with their series of pics from the brown slot canyons.

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Whilst many people might have expected to see a Kardashian sister joining Addison Rae, it seems like it’s only her small circle. Over the passed months Rae has been raising lot of eyebrows with the close rapport between her and Kourtney Kardashian. Well…of course that was before she went public about her friendship with the Kardashian sister.

Her ties have also expanded to some of the famous family members including Khloe Kardashian. The two were featured in a hilarious Ipsy campaign called Tiny Hands Challenge. Addison and Khloe seemed to be having great time like old pals. Clearly it only takes social media popularity to get the Kardashian’s attention.

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