Addison Rae has proven to many youngsters that there’s a promising career on social media. Let’s face it, other people believe that being an influencer isn’t a wise career move and so they do not encourage it. However those who are carefully studying the social media market will provide a refutation of these beliefs. It wasn’t long when Addison Rae decided to embark on the journey of becoming an influencer. She has shoot her shot on Tik Tok after realizing it’s rapid growth and how influencers were accumulating recognition. Fortunately, the odds were in her favor and her life changed overnight.

Born in January 2000, Addison Rae started dancing at the age of six and she would attend dance competition countrywide. However in 2019 the youngster decided to share her passion of dancing with other Tik Tok users. Lucky enough people started paying attention to her videos and the number of her views increased tremendously.

As of August 2020 the total number of her of likes on Tik Tok sits at 3.1 billion with 53 million followers. Most recently Forbes named Addison Rae the top-earning star on Tik Tok. It is believed that the young influencer brought home $5 million last year. Seeing how her career has skyrocket in a short span of time, Addison decided venture into entrepreneurship and launched a makeup line called Item Beauty.

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Despite President Donald Trump’s attempt to ban Tik Tok in the USA, Addison Rae gives credit to the app. She believes that Tik Tok is the main reason behind her successful stardom. Last Fall she posted her first ever sponsored post for Fashion Nova, the infamous social media brand. Interestingly, Addison’s parents also have their own Tik Tok accounts and they have been posting videos consistently.

Tik Tok is what got me to where I am.

Surely Addison Rae is relishing the privileges of being a big money babe, we say. She has secured lucrative deals with American Eagle and Spotify. Mind you, she runs a podcast with her dearest mom called Mama knows best.

Addison Rae

Meanwhile we’ll be expecting creative content from her since Instagram launched a clone of Tik Tok called Reels.


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