Whoever said that sweatpants and simple t-shirts are the perfect kit for surgery, Amanda du-Pont is here to correct them. I must say that I was left rather impressed with Amanda’s sense of style. Usually when people pitch up for their surgery appointment, they look like they’ve taken a break from fashion. However Amanda du-Pont is showing everybody that there’s no such thing as taking a break from being a fashionista. And I couldn’t agree more, because I always have clothes reserved for any kind of outings.

Recently the South African actress turned-businesswoman has paid a visit to her surgeon. And boy, she looked like a classic mademoiselle in her outfit. Amanda du-Pont stunned in black high waisted pants and a beige vest. On top she wore a flux leather jacket that has beige fur around the collar.

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Amanda du-Pont

The gloomy weather allowed her to rock black chunk sole boots by Louis Vuitton. Accessorizing her look, Amanda tied a silky floral scarf under her chin and wore a brown hat. Also she opted for a pair of dark shades to complete the look. I mean after all, who wouldn’t need shades after eye surgery. Captioning her first post she wrote,

“Post eye surgery means wearing a hat and sunglass outside…But make it fashion.”

Indeed she made it top fashion by putting together her exceptional clothes to replicate the classic look. Amanda du-Pont has been a busy bee lately securing thee bag. If there’s one thing that she’s pretty much good at, it’s definitely making money moves wherever she goes.

Back in July the starlet became an ambassador for Land Rover Sandon. And of course that meant walking out of the garage with brand new wheels. She’s been having great times acquainting herself with the SUV by taking her cute dogs on a road trip. Now that’s how a self-made lady spend her free time.

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