This month we were lucky to chat with Amogelang Manyisa, an influencer from South Africa. At the early age of 20, Amogelang Manyisa is already doing the most with social media. However she knows how to balance her life as an influencer and as a student. She’s literally one of the few people on the gram that are consistent in serving nothing but authenticity. Believe it or not, her Instagram feed mirrors what she’s truly is in real life.

With that said, Amogelang Manyisa opened up and gave us some fascinating insights about herself that we didn’t know. But most importantly we were so drawn to her mentality that echoes sharp and positive attitude about life. Learning one or two things about her will literally make you love her beyond measures, because she isn’t just a pretty face only. Amogelang Manyisa let us know how she constantly draws the line between social media and her life.

Humble, Kind and Real

Interestingly in this exclusive interview, Amogelang shares her journey of building her fanbase with the most highest engagement. And if you’re thinking that it took her years and years of trying, then wait until you read the whole interview. Without further ado, get to know Amogelang Manyisa in her own words.

When did you first decide to become an influencer?

I became an influencer earlier this year, actually around June and my followers just grew rapidly.

What are the challenges you faced when you embarked on this journey of being an influencer?

Becoming an influencer is hard. A lot is expected from you, perfection, consistency and you need to be active at all times. I must say it’s a lot of pressure but you got to keep on going because eventually you become a brand that’s big.  Personally, it’s a great thing because you get opportunities which are great and big.

How has your life changed after you accumulated such an impressive following?

A lot has changed. I have brand ambassadorship agreements from some brands I’ve always liked. So it’s going well so far.

Amogelang Manyisa

How long did it take you to establish your fanbase?

Funny, surreal but establishing my fanbase took me two months.

As an influencer what would you say it’s your specific niche?

My specific niche is…well I’m still a student but I am a model and a brand ambassador.

Who’s your favorite social media personality that you often tap into their feed for inspiration?

My favorite social media personality that I often tap into their feed is Vitalina. She’s a British influencer with great style. I really love her because she also has the same body type as mine. So it makes it easier for me to love her sense of style.

Who is your role model?

My role model is my mother.

The influencer marketing industry in SA is rapidly finding it’s spot on the global scale. What advice will you give aspiring influencers?

The advice I’d give to aspiring influencers is to not go in too deep and loose focus on your actual life for the sake of likes. But also balance the two, because realistically speaking social media isn’t our life 100%. But overall do the most with your pictures, have an idea on what your content will be about, be it fashion, hair etc. And lastly consistency is key.

Do you have any plans of expanding your brand?

Yes I do have plans of expanding my brand. But like I said before I’m still a student and I want to get my degree first. Then afterwards I’m definitely going to do a lot more with my brand.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would definitely want to go to London. It’s one of the most popular places for models.

Describe yourself in three words…

Humble, Kind and Real

What’s your motto?

Never give up, no matter how hard it gets.

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