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Bad Habits To Replace If You Want To Be Successful

Are you aware that bad habits are a hinderance to your success? Almost every life couch will advise you to quit your bad habits in order to achieve something. I can definitely assure you that it isn’t easy to wake up and stop doing something all of the sudden. The truth is, you become too attached to your habits that you can’t even tell that they’re excessively bad. Thus when someone point out those bad habits for you it will be easier to say that they’re too critical. What I know is that it only takes self-analysis to distinguish between the good and bad habits you have.

Until you’re able to identify and label those habits as bad, you might as well forget about success. Most Gurus will tell you that success is a game. Interestingly, it is the kind of game that requires your mentality and lot of sacrifices. Now you must remember that sacrifices are mostly letting go of the things you love. From time to time you might feed your system with lies that you can’t live without certain things. Well, you’ll have to say that since you haven’t tried life without those things.

However if you can put yourself on a test for a day, you’ll fathom that you can actually do better without those things. So some habits deserve to be labelled as good as long as they bring you joy. But if those habits start to have a profound negative influence on your life that’s when you’ll have to start making some adjustments. Below is the list of some of the bad habits that you’ll need to replace so you can be successful.

Replace dreaming with doing

Everybody has got all the time they need in life to dream both at night and during the day. But only few make time to start doing something in order to achieve those dreams. If dreams are without an action plan then they aren’t valid. Unfortunately we don’t live in a world wherein you get paid to sit all day dreaming. You can dream new dreams for the rest of your life and see no difference if you don’t get up and do.

So no matter how enjoyable it can be, you need to put a stop to that habit. At least dedicate your time in making those dreams realistic. It wouldn’t matter how long it will take you. As long as you keep on going the right direction you’ll eventually get there.

Write your dreams on a vision board and turn them into goals. Then after that you’ll be able to take the first step and see where it leads.

Replace fake influencers with Inspiring creators.

Believe it or not, 90% of the things you see on social media aren’t real. Social media is all about glamorizing every aspect of life and selling you the dream. Most of the people you’re calling influencers are only wannabes. They wake up each day and get their act together so they produce good content that you like. And for some reason you might be a victim of falling for everything you come across.

In this social media era, anyone can pretend to be anything. That’s why most of the fake influencers you’re following have labelled themselves as the ones you should follow. Others call themselves entrepreneurs, life couches, traders and strategists. But if you can do a background check you’d realize that it’s all a lie.

So what I intend to say is that, it’s really a bad habit to idolize fake influencers. You see them with hourglass figures, pouty lips and Gucci bag, and you’re feeling inspired. Unfortunately, they had to undergo severe surgeries to look like that as much as they’ve cleared their accounts to afford a Gucci bag. Follow people who will inspire you with realistic things. These inspiring creators might offer you raw content as it is but the good part is the realness.

Replace toxic people with role models

Toxic people will contaminate your soul. For your own health reasons you shouldn’t be around toxic people. From friendships to relationships, you need to distance yourself the moment you fathom toxicity. You can’t afford to give them second chances because you’ll be pausing your progress in life.

As a matter of fact, people should be the least problem that you deal with in your life. Take all your time and invest it in yourself. Improve your daily routines and work towards being great. Take notes from inspiring people and seek help from those who are experienced.

You shouldn’t leave a room for friends and partners who will bring nothing but negativity everyday. It’s unwise to deal with people who don’t see the potential in you and are often ignorant of what you’re doing. Holding on and attempting to fix toxic relationships is one of the bad habits. Don’t be afraid to leave everyone behind and join those who are on the same page with you.

Replace night outings with late working

Most people would rather prefer going out to the club or movies than working till late. Apparently this is the sad truth about people. See, a lot of people want good things but they aren’t willing put on the work. Yes, going out with friends might make you some good memories, but memories only exist in your head. And in this life you will not live those moments more than once.

It’s fun to drink and get wasted all night long so that the following day you wake up with people praising you for being the goat. But do you realize that alcohol and good times won’t pay the bills. Actually you’ll be the one obliged to pay for alcohols and good times every time.

Your bad habits will always attract toxic people in your life. And the moment you start saying no to partying so that you can work on that business, people will shift. Never hesitate to work till late on something that in five years time will make you sleep early. Night outings can be occasional for when you need a break, but not a habit. Cut if off.

Replay pessimism with optimism

Always know that just because things aren’t going your way it doesn’t mean you’re the unluckiest one in the world. Every person in this world go through a series of difficulties and challenges. What’s meaningful is how you bounce back from an aftermath. There are actually couple of things that can knock you down at anytime. But what’s important is raising your head to fight again.

Bear with me when I say most people don’t give their dreams another shot because they have strength left in them. Chasing dreams is undeniably exhausting. However people are determined to try again after failing because their optimistic. You can’t afford to be negative all the time.

Allow yourself to defy your pessimism or you’ll not try to do anything in life. One failure shouldn’t be a reason why you should feel pessimistic. Look at everything through the positive lens, you’ll be eager to do more than you have failed at.

It’s not easy easy to make major adjustments in your life because all you think of are other people’s opinions. The road to success is so narrower that it doesn’t allow people to travel with baggage. Leave everything behind if you have to in order to be where you want to be. You can’t risk a successful future simply because of your bad habits. If your habits are delaying you it means they are bad. Replace them with good ones and enjoy abundant progress.

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Don’t be too attached to what you are for you might not see what you can become.


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