Bby_cai black lives matters

Bby_cai Means Business: Black Lives Matters

Bby_cai is using her voice and platform for all the right reasons and we’re here to applaud the efforts she’s making to impact social change. Bby_cai who’s real name is Caitlyn Mwenifumbo is one of the influencers making big waves on InstagramInstagram. She’s part of the new age tribe of girls who are popular for, well posting sexy snaps.

It’s no secret that scrolling down her Instagram feed can be a virtual entertainment. We love everything about her. From showing off her brown skin glow outside in a red piece of clothing…

(Image: bby_cai/Instagram)

To using one of her god-given talents while flaunting her assets in cool view. There is definitely nothing to not love about this dearie.

bby_cai painting
(Image: bby_cai/Instagram)

Bby_cai has been one of the influencers on instagram to be vocal about the injustice in the USA. Following the killing of George Floyd, many have taken to their social media platforms to discuss police brutality.

Bby_cai black lives matters

Bby_cai who is of African descendent has talked about how some of the big companies wants to see black people fail. She addressed everything about the protests and how undercover cops are starting riots and fires to make them look violent.

Every influencer might’ve used their plartforms to raise awareness about Black Lives Matter but only few had the gut to join the protests. Caitlyn has been part of those who chose to sacrifice their comfort at home to go and protest amid covid19 pandemic.

At this point it really looks like the USA is dealing with two pandemic at the same time. Things continue to spiral out of control under the leadership of President Donald Trump. Caitlyn refuses to turn a blind eye on this subject. It’s not always that she discusses this kind of matter with her followers. But since the injustice keeps on mutiplying, she has realized that it’s wise to speak out.

On a post that she shared on Tuesday sitting inside of her car, Caitlyn expressed her feelings candidly in a video and a lengthy caption.

“They wanted silence today but it’s not going to happen. Let’s redirect our focus-We have to STOP FUNDING THESE COMPANIES THAT WANT TO SEE US FAIL. Why are they finding some cops behind staged vandalisim, riots and lotting?…New World Order, look it up. Let’s be smarter and hit them where it hurts…This is who benefits from mass incarceration: Victoria Secrets, Starbucks, Walmart, Whole Foods, Microsoft, BP…”

While to many, the topic about racism might be too sensitive, Caitlyn does no longer care what her followers might say. She’s raising awareness to her close to one mi


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