Boity Thulo

Boity is definitely showing us the true meaning of owning her throne and we’re here to give her endless bows. Remember few years ago when Boity started her #OWNYOURTHRONE on social media, I bet not everyone took her serious. But that’s just what happens when you aim for the stars, everybody says you dream too much.

Boity is one young lady that has proven to many South African women that it’s okay to dream big. As long as you stay consistent in your hustle and grind, all shall be possible down the road. From being a presenter to being a rapper, I must say that Miss Thulo knows how to turn heads.

Boity Thulo Billboard magazine feature
(Image: Boity/Instagram)

Since the launch of her music career back in 2018, Thulo haven’t shown any sign of slowing down. Social media has tried to pit her against other South African established rappers. However the businesswoman turned-rapper showed no interest in igniting beef with any of the female rappers as part of the hip-hop culture. It turned out that the fabulous sangoma is determined in empowering other female rappers rather than tearing them down.

On May it was announced that the Wuz Dat hitmaker had secured a deal with Def Jam, making her part of the label’s African division. When the news broke the Own Your Throne reality star chose to be silent about the news. However she did share champagne glasses on Twitter celebrating the new milestone.

Earlier today on Wednesday 3rd of June the starlet made yet another huge announcement on Instagram. Boity Thulo has been featured on Billboard magazine. Now this one deserved a round of applause. Funny thing is that it’s not only us who think of an ovation, even herself said it in a post.

Boity Billboard magazine

“I’m so proud of this young, black woman! This journey has surpassed some of my craziest dreams. I had no idea just how many pockets of surprises God and my ancestors had in store for me. I mean, a whole Billboard magazine feature. Me?! claps once…”

Comments started flooding in right away from fans and fellow celebrities congratulating her. Indeed she’s owning her throne. All hail to the queen and her domination.


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