It’s every girl’s dream to have lot of things customized for them and Bonang Matheba can totally agree with us. But having a whole year customized for you is a whole major level. Thank goodness, Bonang Matheba is here to tell us all about it. Recently the socialite has shared a big announcement on her Instagram page. Well obviously, her fans waited for so long to hear the news. Bonang Matheba is known to keep things under wraps until they are complete. And I guess that’s what we love about her – the suspense she always gives us.

Although Bonang Matheba has dropped some hints last year during an interview in Selimathunzi, fans waited to see what was cooking. I must say that the B-Force aka Bonang’s fans are the most patient people in the world. I mean, the media personality has been working on the project for a year now without saying any word. Clearly Bonang Matheba is the type of girl who likes to keep it private until it’s permanent.

The big news…

Bonang Matheba shared a teaser on her Instagram feed and got her fans even jolly. It looks like a reality show called A Very Bonang Year but it’s far different from her first one titled Being Bonang. This upcoming show documents her traveling life in major cities like New York and London just to mention the few. And in that teaser we see her receiving an award for being an outstanding social media influencer in Africa as well as attending interviews.

Bonang Matheba
(Bonang Matheba/Instagram)

Honestly, A Very Bonang Year will give us exclusive insights on the media personality’s mission to conquer the world. She has already made quite a name for herself in South Africa that comes with a dominating personality in the continent. Thus it’s time for her to go international and play with the big fishes. We just hope that once she hits the international spotlight she doesn’t get confused with BeyoncĂ© since they’re both nicknamed Queen B.

A Very Bonang Year will premier on the 1st of August on the local channel SABC 1 Mzansi Fo sho. All hail to the Queen B. We can’t wait to see what she’s been up to. Ha e Dum!


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