Caro Viee

If you’re thinking that it’s already too late to start off 2021 your own way, I think you should turn to Caro Viee for inpo. I can whole-heartedly admit that I was one of those people who thought we’re already far away from the early days of 2021. But Caro Viee trashed that mindset and I think I’m ready to start off my 2021 the right way. Ha Ha Ha I might just hold myself on to that.

Recently the entrepreneur headed back home to Brazil to kickstart her 2021, at least that’s what she said on her Instagram. She looked absolutely stunning as she adorned a two-piece purple swimsuit from Oh Polly. I jumped to the conclusion that purple is her color. And oh! Those curls were popping as always.

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At one point I almost thought that Caro Viee was on the other side of the world chasing summer. But when I checked her location, I realized how Brazil can be so deceiving. I mean the pics totally look like she’s in the middle of summer. The white sandy beaches and blue water look nothing like winter days.

Caro Viee
(Instagram: Caro View)

Captioning her series of pics Caro Viee wrote, “Back to my roots…wouldn’t want to start 2021 any other way. Which picture is your favorite?”

Aah well, all of them are our favorites. I mean, what would she expect if she ask us to choose from all fairly similar hot pics. Sorry Caro Viee, but none of the pics outweigh the others despite the different angels you give.

The influencer who just turned 23 on the 29th of December is having the time of her life. Or should I say she’s having the time of her 2021? She’s vacationing in Morro de Sao Paulo Bahia enjoying winter sunshine at the beach and coconut sweet water. I think I miss summer.

Meanwhile we’re waiting for more pics. We just want a glimpse of how she’s starting off her new year back in her roots.

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