When you think of Chaos SixtyNine probably the first thing that comes to your mind is overrated style and fashion. Well, that’s simply because Chaos SixtyNine embody these type of qualities that will give you a glimpse of the rebellious fashion world. As for us, the profound effect that the publication has on us is the big names in the fashion world that they feature from time to time. If you really want to acquaint yourself with the stylish and fashionable culture of our society, then we suggest you read Chaos SixtyNine.

Speaking of which, Chaos SixtyNine has launched its fifth issue and it’s dubbed the Channel Issue. Fans are literally going crazy with the well-established models that grace each cover. The photoshoot and the Channel kits definitely depict chaos at its worst – but we rather dub it stylish. Every model in the cover portrays a very fierce personality blended with a sense of bad girl attitude.

With that in mind, we’ve curated five covers for the Chaos SixtyNine that we feel like deserves more than just praise. Well, technically the truth is we really envy these models that we even thought of writing an article dedicated to them. So without further udo, let’s see who made the list.

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Chaos SixtyNine

Starting off the list is Imaan Hammam. She’s on the second cover of the magazine and the moment we saw her, we couldn’t help but admire her face. She’s giving us this attitude that is flavored with her innocence that shows up without effort. And I guess this expression finds a way to linger in one’s mind even after they’ve laid their eyes somewhere else.

We can’t deny that Imaan looks beguiling with her baby hairs laid down like that. As for the braids, we definitely know that one can never go wrong with this hair style. So she really check all the boxes for us.

Chaos SixtyNine

And what would the Channel Issue be like without the goddess model of our time Bella Hadid. She’s good at giving a face and her naturally contoured jaws intensify everything. Her smoky eyes set the bar high with how she’s glaring at the photographer. Surely he must’ve felt chills unless he knows how to handle the Hadid effect.

Moreover we like the pose – she looks commanding and ready for whatever to be thrown at her. And the way she’s holding still the chain of the ball, she’s a force of boldness.

Chaos SixtyNine

Next we have Vittoria Cereti. I feel like there’s a bit of angst in her face that she managed to transform into this epic pose. Her face isn’t heavily filtered with makeup, which is amazing considering the mood of this photo. Vittori looks really calm and she give us a certain mystique about her that we can’t put out hands on.

There’s also so much to be admired about her pose. The way she’s leaning towards the surfboard help us to trace the angles of her toned body. And there’s nothing more we can say that Wow!

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Chaos SixtyNine

Let’s talk about Adut Akech Bior, because well there’s plenty to talk about. First let’s look at the filter- it is Hollywood nostalgic and perfect in every way. I like the fact that the black and white filter never disappoints and its effect can literally bring a whole mood in a photo.

Adut’s pose is so joyous and chilled-back. The Channel bodysuit is one to die and I like how it matches the tennis racket. After all what better way to look sporty than to kit entirely in Channel?

Channel Issue

Closing the list is the one and only Kendall Jenner. Forget the fact that she’s a Kar-Jenner sister, because Kendall is the highest paid model in the world. Now that title is proportional to the amount of expertise she has in front of the camera. One thing we know about Kendall is that she can definitely transform into any personality when the camera starts flashing.

She looks absolutely stunning in the picture. Also we love that they’ve used the black and white filter in her photos because it looks good.

There’s quite a number of models who made it to the cover of Chaos SixtyNine Channel Issue. That list includes the likes of Gigi Hadid who’s currently pregnant with her first child. However we felt like these covers aforementioned stood out the most for us.

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