Instagram is the ultimate style hub of all time and it’s all thanks to people like Chiara Ferragni. It’s obvious that Chiara Ferragni is our go-to-girl when it comes to style and fashion tips. The influencer has proven countless times that she knows what she’s doing. Ever since she stepped into the blogging scene back in 2008 Chiara Ferragni has been the guiding light for all women who worship style. Now little fast forward the mother of one is still on top of her game and winning.

It seems like there are new pieces from the Chiara Ferragni collection. And one of those pieces that captured my heart is the cargo pants that she introduced to us. Quit frankly, I’ve always believed that cargo pants are off limits and Chiara Ferragni just validated my belief. For some reasons I feel like she’s trying to let us all know that cargo pants are here to stay. So why not get a pair for your summer closet?

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Chiara Ferragni

The fashion blogger rocked a pair of cargo pants in her latest Instagram posts. She paired the trousers with a white crop top and very comfortable open-toed sandals. And in a Chiara Ferragni style, she opted to accessorize the look with golden bracelets, necklace and a blue watch. Also adding to her collection of accessories, she wore beaded anklets and that makes her look rather fun.

The cargo trouser have accents of military green and they almost look like a camouflage pair. Over the course of time we’ve seen the camouflage style evolve and finding its relevance in modern trends. So for someone like Chiara who knows a little bit of everything in the fashion world, surely she can bet on this trend. Meanwhile you can check other camouflage attires from her collection, they’re available online ready for purchase.

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