Cristina Villegas

Cristina Villegas is a young woman on a greater mission than any of us can imagine. At just 22 years old Cristina has already made a name for herself on social media. Well, that’s plenty of thanks to her authentic content. As a part-time stripper, Villegas started documenting her journey and life in general on YouTube counting the money that she has made at work. For some reason many people must’ve been drawn to the stacks of cash that she takes home on weekends.

Amongst other things that form part of her authentic content include cosmetics surgeries. Unlike other influencers, Cristiana Villegas isn’t that type of a girl that would often lie about her appearance. Over the years she has been so vocal about the parts of her body that she was insecure of. And so she decided to undergo multiple surgeries to ensure that at the end of the day she is content with herself. Although there are are times when she gets backlash from fans who think her surgeries are excessive and unreasonable, she couldn’t care less.

I mean why would she care about the cost of all these surgeries when she has all the money she needs. Besides, Cristina is one proud girl and how she earns her money doesn’t affect nor downgrade her worth as a woman.

Villegas is known to be earning somewhere between $15, 000 to $30, 000 per month depending on how she worked. Her YouTube channel is also bringing in an impressive amount in her bank. All her YouTube videos have accumulated over 150 million views.

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Cristina Villegas has a total net worth that sits somewhere between $300 000 to $500 000. But she could see an alarming increase in her net worth sooner since she has decided to venture into real estate. Interestingly, Cristina has always talked about real estate for a while now. Her goal was to save up as much as she could from stripping so that she can finally put that into real estate.

Now it seems like Cristina Villegas has finally reached her long term goal in a span of a year and a half. In one of her February videos, Villegas went property hunting. She was checking out residential properties that were on the market. Her plan is to flip these properties here and there and finally put them out for rental.

Real estate is still by far the best investment even today. That’s because about 90% of millionaires around the world have credited real estate as their biggest source of wealth. It’s also important to know that investing in residential property can generate you a good fortune. Well, that’s only if you’re in it for the long run. After a year people are able to see a massive shift of their numbers in the bank.

Real estate constantly increase in value over time making it the best investment. What’s even fascinating is that you’re not expected to pay taxes on your gains. As a sole investor you get up to $250, 000 tax break. And the money can even go upwards to $500, 000 if you’re a married couple.

That being said, we can all agree that Cristina Villegas is more than an influencer who likes to film herself eating crispy nuggets from McDonald’s. She’s a smart woman who knows plenty of ways to generate income. And of course that includes growing her wealth.

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