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Culture Against Millennial Feminists


Here’s  why culture is against millennial feminists

“Millennial” and “feminist” are two of the most controversial concepts that many countries across the globe are still finding it hard to accept neither support. Hence as women who are fighting for what we believe in it can be extremely challenging, more especially when we are misunderstood and underestimated. I know women who have been tortured for trying to be independent and others who have been silenced permanently for trying to speak out for their rights. So it seems like whenever we rejoice that we’re almost there, there’s always another magnetic force pulling us back to the starting point.

The struggle faced by women within a certain culture

In some parts of the regions mainly in the Arab countries, culture continues to succeed in oppressing and restricting women’s needs. As a result these women are often faced with a challenge of standing up against the culture. They are somewhat forced to live within a system that only favors the other gender and belittle their opinions. And life within that misshapen system can mean inadequate  education, few female representatives in the parliament and the ongoing unfairness of treating women like property. Now these are the most serious issues that some of our feminists are still facing even today. It’s only a matter of time for the authority to start putting price tags on our women since they are regarded as property.

The conflict between feminists and uneducated women.

Feminists across the world are not only fighting against the male dominated government to better their living conditions and loosen the strict laws against them. But they are also challenged with the attempt to mold the minds of other women  within the society who are failing to see the unfairness that comes with being a woman in general.  These are the same women who have been brainwashed by cultural traditions that a woman shouldn’t be above a man in terms of social and economic statuses. And that the nature of a woman is to obey her man and take care of the house. Hence these women choose to stand with men on the issue that feminists cause havoc within societies and they need to be dealt with.

At the end of the day you will find that it is the feminists’ word against the government and their fellow women. With that in mind we can sadly say that they still have a long way to go.

The solution

Thanks to the digital era, millennial feminists can now receive support from other like-minded women across the universe. Teaming up with other feminists who are crazily driven by the need to uplift disadvantaged women can bring awareness to those who don’t believe in women’s rights, wage equality and independence. Social media is the best platform to start documenting our values, needs and rights. Through this platform we can be able to negotiate what is best for us. Remember, the mission here with feminism is to not position every existing woman out there in the workplace. To some women it’s a choice to stay at home and look after the kids as much as it is to those who wake up every morning and go to work to make decisions in the boardroom.

The aim is to uplift and empower women. We want them to enjoy the same equal privileges as men. We shouldn’t settle for less because we are forced to abide by the rules of the culture and be what men expect us to be. Culture and religion shouldn’t be used as a weapon to weaken women in societies. Each an every woman has the right to say Yes or No to whatever is said to her. And until that right is not valid to every woman out there, there will be hell to see…

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