A close friend once said more clothes mean more time wasted in the fitting room trying to come up with the right outfit. I whole-heartedly admit that this friend of mine was right. Interestingly this challenge of putting together the right outfit isn’t only for the ones who have dream closets in their cribs. Anybody who’s got a wardrobe filled with a fair amount of clothes faces this crisis of putting together everyday outfit looks.

And perhaps this is exactly what drives us into insanity. Thus we end up pilling all the clothes on top of the bed without any intention. Any girl who’d say that she never had one of those crazy days that she left her room a mess because she couldn’t decide on what to wear is lucky. And I just can’t emphasize the degree of this kind of luck. Some would even go on to find a stylist – somebody who’s going to save them from the closet catastrophe.

However if your budget isn’t enough to finance another person just to sort out your clothes and tell you what to wear, then you can rely solely on inspirations. It’s a good thing that with the rapid rise of social media, people can easily tap into other people’s accounts for inspiration. That being said, there’s another girl on the gram who’s consistently serving everyday outfit goals.

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Sarah Langa is one of my favorite Instagram influencers because of the content she puts out there for followers. She isn’t basically a fashion influencer. Her niche is more broad and diverse focusing on luxury lifestyle. So there’s so much to grasp from her feed, from travel ideas to high-end fashion tips.

I have had the greatest pleasure of curating some of her best everyday outfits that I believe will inspire you. Keep on scrawling down below and I might just save you from your next closet meltdown.


casual outfit

You can definitely never go wrong with white at any day. It’s neutral and sophisticated.


outfit ideas

Still overthinking of how you’d pair your jeans and come up with the best everyday outfit look? A simple black t-shirt and colorful heels will do.


casual outfit

The fun thing about floral clothes is that they’re timeless. Do you wanna know what’s even more fun? Well, it’s stepping out in this stylish jumpsuit killing two birds with one stone.


casual outfit

Looking for that typical everyday outfit that will make you feel super casual? How about if you pick your sneakers, cap and cropped-top with some short sweat pants and see if you won’t look like Sarah?


outfit ideas

There are so many ways that you can rock a white attire and a white dress will definitely check all the boxes.


outfit ideas

Your everyday outfit ideas wouldn’t be complete without this sophisticated look. So activate your ‘lady with class persona’ and serve this look the whole day.

Sarah Langa always likes to mix and match things. Her sense of style isn’t fixed and that’s the fun part about her. It’s mostly likely that she dresses according to her mood. So with this wide array of everyday outfit ideas, I do hope you find more than one look that works for you and you can thank me later.

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