On a scale of 10 where would you put your summer closet? Not sure right? Well, don’t worry because there’s a summer dress that everybody is currently wearing. Buying this summer dress might surprisingly boost your rate and you’ll find yourself hanging above 5. Frankly if you have a single favorite summer dress, then I understand this season isn’t going well for for. I get it. There’s so much pressure and strain that will definitely ruin your mood for the whole season.

That’s because, this summer is way too different from other summers we used to have. Truth be spoken, the pandemic has affected us so badly – and that includes our shopping spree. While you where at home keeping yourself safe from covid19, others were literally sneaking to the shops to clear up the clothing racks. And I can imagine how you felt when you fathomed that the summer dress you once saw when you were doing window shopping is gone.

But trust me, when I say it’s early to accept defeat. Thanks to Lipkine, she just reminded us which summer dress everyone is wearing this season. Forget the one you saw, because this one that Lipkine wore definitely check all the boxes.

Summer dress

Recently Lipkine took to her Instagram page to let her fans have a glimpse of what she’s wearing this season. And man, everyone is obsessing over her summer dress. But that’s not all. Lipkine is a gracious sister who cares for other sisters. She didn’t leave us all wondering where she bought her summer masterpiece. In her caption, she revealed all the details we wanted to hear. And maybe even more.

And the 1 place in the ‘best summer dress awards’ goes to @lovenookie

You heard that?

Lipkine bought her dress from Nookie, an Australian brand company that specializes in women’s wear. Probably you’ve seen some of your favorite influencers wearing clothes from Nookie. One of their consistent and loyal customer is Micah Gianneli – the renowned Australian fashion influencer.

This floral dress that Lipkine is wearing is made of the broderie anglaise fabric. The puffed sleeves are quintessential together with the refined turtleneck. As for the opening on the chest, it is definitely chic and ideal for in case you want to show your cleavage. I like the fact that this dress a retro trend and that makes it super ritzy.

Interestingly this masterpiece is one of their best-selling dresses this summer. So trust me. You really don’t want to miss out this summer. Don’t worry I’ll thank Lipkine on your behalf later on.

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