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Exploring Miami Contemporary Style (With Photos)

There is no way that you can talk about Miami without mentioning the Miami contemporary style. That’s just the fact. Quite frankly, the city of Miami is known for many things – mostly luxury. But two features that best represent its culture are warm beaches and the Miami contemporary style. Believe it or not, the Miami contemporary style has become the source of inspiration when it comes to interior designs. The whole world has been leaning on and learning clean luxury from the Miami contemporary style.

Back in the days, the modern interior design that you find in Miami you couldn’t find it else where in the world. Even big cities like Paris and New York didn’t have the textural touches that Miami has. The reason is that Miami drew it’s inspiration from the sun and sea to create the infamous Miami contemporary style. Even though most of the textural touches are characterized by clean white, designers know how to add pops of color.

And of course, colors are good – they bring life to the house. And whilst most of the rooms might be clinical, pops of color will make them colorful and playful. The Miami contemporary style has evolved to using bright colors that stand out from the sleek white walls. And you can find that in the artwork and cusions or even fluffy rugs. Despite the colors being bright, they’re extra warm to represent the warm weather. And that’s just the beauty part of this evolution. The Miami contemporary style never stray away from the inspirational culture of the city. So take a look at the modern style interior designed by AZD Architects.

Here are the examples:

Miami contemporary style
(Image: AZD Architects/Instagram)

Interior designers pay special attention to the outdoor living when they work on a house with a modern feel. There is pure simplicity of timber floor by the pool. There aren’t too much detail grabbing attention. Hut I believe that’s the tradition of modern style. There shouldn’t too many attention-grabbers.

Miami contemporary style
(Image: AZD Architects/Instagram)

The evolution of Miami contemporary style is now on an elevated warmer feeling that includes timber woods. As you can see the wooden section incorporates the grey tiled floor and floor-to-ceiling windows. Again the touch is simple without too much details. Only the unique chandelier takes the character of an artwork which marvelous.

Miami contemporary style
(Image: AZD Architects/Instagram)

The living area is so spacious with high ceilings. The grey floor takes a much darker shade than the white ceiling. So instead of the white-on-white feeling, it’s now white-on-grey. The other side of the wall has exposed bricks, giving the owner a taste of the industrial style. However the whiteness brings the bricks to calm and add more defined luxury.

Miami contemporary style

The dining area is situated in a perfect place that is exposed to the outdoor living. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling doors that have always succeeded in incorporating the indoor to the outdoor living. If you look little closer, you can see the green garden behind. Which is perfect because the new modern style takes nature in consideration. If there are no plants indoors, they ought to be outside.

Miami contemporary style - interior designs

The master bedroom is sleek and simple. The grey wooden floor promotes warm luxury and simplicity at the same time. Moreover, with the grey headboard matching the floor, nothing looks out of place. Every furniture and feature compliments one another rather than competing for attention. Plus if you look outside the window, there’s a cool view of the neighboring green plants. And that’s perfect.

What is Miami contemporary style without stairs? Quite frankly, stairs are the accessories of any form of interior design. The glass staircase is a winner. This view is clinical and extra simple. The colorful pillow on the couch adds life to the living area. The ceiling, the floor and the staircase just makes it the perfect view of this house.


AZD architechs designed this home to be warm for people who enjoy the comfort of their own home. I can say that this house mainly represents the white-on-white style of contemporary. Although they’re added colors here and there, but they aren’t too much. And for that reason, whiteness dominates the indoors.

NB picture credits belong to their righful owners @AZD Architechs



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