Faith Nketsi is a hustler in her own right and we’re giving her all the spotlight. Ever wondered how your favorite influencers like Faith Nketsi rose to fame on Instagram? If you have, well you’re not alone. Every aspiring influencer is interested to learn the tricks of growing their following on Instagram. And while it might be hard, others have actually succeeded in reaching the million spot of followers. That’s why today we’re talking about Faith Nketsi, one of tribe of influencers ranking at the million spot.

Who’s Faith Nketsi?

Faith is a South African influencer born in December 1994. She became a sensation when she joined a twerking group in the country called Pro-Twerkers. The group consisted of four members and all of them had the right amount of jelly to jiggle to their audience.

Faith Nketsi pro tweakers
(Image: Faith Nketsi/Instagram)

Although she was still young at that time, Faith revealed that she started twerking so she could earn money to pay for school. However, after massive social media popularity the group separated resulting in young socialite becoming an independent brand.

How did she become an influencer

Her twerking skills launched her career as a socialite. Faith Nketsi began to score hosting gigs at night clubs all over South Africa. And of course her hour glass body became a magnet to the public resulting in people wanting to know more about her. She has been subjected to many things including undergoing massive plastic surgery to have that kind of body. But she has long shut down those allegations making it clear that her body is natural.

Faith Nketsi
(Image: Faith Nketsi/Instagram)

In her Instagram she’s been sharing great content that inspires her followers, from fashion tips to body goals. She has been making money from various ventures. The influencer has a management company that identifies young female talent and empowers women who aspire to be influencers. She has also scored a deal to shoot her reality show called Have faith.

Faith Nketsi
(Image: Faith Nketsi/Instagram)

Controversy and scandal

Faith Nketsi is no stranger to controversies. As a matter of fact, her name has been linked to scandals from time to time that surfaced on social media. Back in 2016 a video was leaked on social media of Faith and her man having oral sex. Since then, the video has helped to elevate her popularity as she began to make headlines in the country. What can I say leaked sex tapes have always been a effective publicity stunt since the Paris Hilton days.

Have faith
(Image: Faith Nketsi/Instagram)

She was also rumored to be the girl that came between Offset and Cardi B’s marriage. These speculations came after a pic of Offset and her surfaced on the internet. However she cleared the air on a TV interview that nothing ever happened between Offset and her. She said it was only a fan and celebrity encounter at the airport.

So while others succeed in being top influencers without scandals following them wherever they go, to some it is impossible. Faith Nketsi has had her fair share of being dragged by social media. She has risen above all her dirty past and every day she’s going strong.


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