Fenty skin night cream

Rihanna didn’t forget about us. Few months after she launched the Fenty Skin into her Fenty empire, she finally introduces the night cream. Of course the skin care range wouldn’t be complete without a night cream. And everybody is glad that she knew it as well. Fenty skin should be your go-to parlor when you seek a youthful glowing skin. We all know that our girl Rihanna doesn’t play when it comes to the health of the skin. She ensures that she delivers the best quality while on the other hand she takes into account the climate change. That’s something that most beauty manufactures rarely focus on when they produce their products. But let’s just say Robyn is very different.

The Fenty skin night cream is ideal for all skin types, and I mean for all genders. If you’re looking for a nourished skin when you wake up in the morning, then consider this night cream. The ingredients have been extracted from some of the most exotic plants necessary to give you that hydration during the night. And just because when we’re asleep at night nobody sees us, that doesn’t mean we should care less about our skin.

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As a matter of fact our skin should be our focal point when we start discussing beauty matters. Wearing makeup on a healthy skin is profoundly essential and shouldn’t be taken for granted. The beauty mogul took to her Instagram to alert everybody that she is welcoming a new member in her Fenty Skin. In the snaps that she shared, RiRi can be seen makeup-free by the pool yet amazingly glowing.

Captioning her post she wrote, “Y’all thought I was gonna leave you without a night cream? Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream is on the way. I took my time with this one. Use it after #TOTALCLEANSER and #FATWATER at night and wake up with refreshed, nourished, juicy skin.”

The Fenty skin night cream has been made with Kalahari melon oil which deeply hydrates the skin and is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It has a niacinamide which helps to make dark spots fade away and eradicate shiny skin to give you an even tone. The Hyaluronic acid and aloe is popularly known to soothe and condition your skin.

So believe me when I say you really don’t want o miss out on this Fenty skin night cream. The songstress guarantees us a night combo in one to wake up with the morning glow.

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