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Four Signs Of Toxic Friends That You Should Be Aware Of

If your inner circle is filled with only toxic friends, I’m telling you that you are not going anywhere further in life. Keeping toxic friends in life is just another much simpler way of stopping yourself from progressing. And perhaps that’s why there’s a saying that goes by “birds of a further flock together”. For all my life I’ve been told to keep an eye on my friends because some of them might be toxic.

But I must say it can never be easy to admit that you’re in a toxic friendship. Hence you should start eliminating most of your friends. I guess for that reason, that’s why most people tend to keep their toxic friends no matter what the signs are. So is it wise to keep toxic friends in your life? Absolutely no. If you’re someone who cares a lot about their mental health, wellness and progress then you’ll consider making adjustments.

I don’t really recall how many breakups I’ve had in my longtime friendship until I decided to call it quits. It wasn’t an overnight realization that the person I called my best friend was toxic. Well, it was simply because I was focused on the period that we’ve been friends. All along I’ve been protecting the time that we’ve known each other and the memories we’ve made.

But I tell you what, no matter how hard I tried to ignore the signs that I was in a toxic friendship, at the end I had to act. In this article I’ll be sharing with you the signs of toxic friends that you should be aware of. Trust me, you don’t want to ignore them because you’ll pay the highest price.

Bad influence

One of the obvious signs that you should be able to identify in your toxic friends is influence. Does your friends encourage you to do something good or it’s always about getting into trouble. Well, I must say that at your earliest age you might think that’s a way of life. But little fast forward you’ll realize that you’re growing and the things you’re doing does not longer fit your mentality.

Toxic friends are the ones that will tell you to live for the moment whereas good friends will remind of tomorrow. Now you must understand that people who aren’t concerned about your future or theirs are a bad influence. Literally you won’t do anything in your life, because they’ll become your hinderance.

The moment you begin to know exactly what you want in life then it will be easy to identify toxic friends. I’m not saying your friends should want the exact same things as you. At least they should have a clear vision of what they want for their future other than partying and f*&king around.


For ambitious women, underestimation is something that they should be prepared for from lot of people. Family, friends and colleagues will occasionally underestimate your goals. I guess that’s natural. But if you have friends and you start experiencing underestimation frequently then that’s a sign of a toxic friendship. Unfortunately you’ll be obliged to do something about your toxic friends.

The reason why I’m stating this is because your girls are the people you often talk to about anything. In that way you can easily imagine the feeling of talking to people who aren’t taking you seriously. It may barely be the reason that they don’t believe in your skills, but simply because they’re too ignorant of you.

Therefore you’ll be under the pressure of always wanting to prove to them that you’re good. Or maybe you might as well end up fighting for their attention, which is something I strongly condemn. You don’t have to prove your greatness to your friends or anyone. If they’re failing to see that then it means they don’t see your worth. Thus you should cut ties with them ASAP.


Jealousy is another factor that most people encounter in their friendships so often. I really hate to say this, but ladies are more jealous compared to guys. Ladies with guy friends are unlikely to experience jealousy in their circle. Apparently for those who only keep girlfriends in their circle then they’re familiar with what I’m talking about.

So in this case you might find that you’re all living your best lives and doing your own things. However, when good things start happening for you only, then they envy you. Good friends shouldn’t be offended by your achievements nor they should cringe when you excel. As a matter of fact they should applaud you for your success. They should be so proud to have you as their friend.

Unfortunately, that cannot happen if your friendship is characterized by jealousy. Some of them will not even make an effort in hiding their jealousy when you announce a milestone. And you’ll always feel sorry for making them feel that way which is nonsense. You shouldn’t be apologetic for your progress. If your friends can’t be happy for you, then they don’t deserve to be in your life. Period.


Jealousy can lead to competition or the other way around. Once your girls start competing with you it’s obvious that they’re toxic. I don’t know if you’re aware of this but nobody likes losing. In that case your friends will do anything to make sure that they take the first place even if it means jeopardizing you. And I don’t think you should live in fear of not knowing what your friends might do to you in order to get something.

A friendship should offer you the comfortability and safety at all times. Sadly it won’t be that way if there’s competition in your circle. Whatever flaw you make will always be used against you. So will you still call these type of people your friends?

Your true friends wouldn’t want to be above you always. They won’t have a problem even if you’re always above them. Well, that’s because they’ll be focusing on their lives and not yours. But if your girls are against your success, I think you should distance yourself. You really don’t need people who’ll put you down whenever you’re trying to takeoff.

Quote of the day

True friendship doesn’t always have to be with a person, but with anything of its own kind of nature as long as it gives you solace.

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