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Four Skills Needed To Start A Business

Ever wondered the core skills to start a business? I bet you have, especially if you’re considering taking the entrepreneurial route in your life. While you might think that one has to possess a qualification from a business school in order to start a business, allow me to correct you. You really don’t need a degree to be an entrepreneur. Although a business degree might act as a foundation, any person can become an entrepreneur. However there are some certain skills that you’ll need to master before venturing into a startup. The truth is these skills aren’t included in the syllabus. Thus you’ll be obliged to acquire them by yourself as you learn one or two things about society.

Perhaps that’s why successful people like Elon Must don’t believe that education can make you successful. It’s not like the elite group is opposed to education. They’re only being candid that the school’s syllabus doesn’t include tools or knowledge to make you rich. In other words education can be utilized as tool to bring people to civilization. Thus if you’re planning to be the next female Jeff Bezos, you’ll have to find a mentor to teach you about entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile you can acquaint yourself with these four skills that I have curated for you if you want to start a business. Master them before you make vast investments for it will help you survive through all the storms.

Intrinsic motivation

Motivation is like a fuel to every human’s action. Without it, we all won’t have an interest to start doing something. Day in and day out you opt to listen/read other people’s success stories. That’s because you seek reason to start doing something knowing that at the end of the road it will all be worth it. However it’s wise to not always rely on extrinsic motivation. It’s okay though to idolize people and listen to what they say and use it as your own personal advice.

What’s within you also matters. Actually it matters more than what your idol is saying. You cannot always be dependent on other factors outside yourself as a motivator. The innate ability to give yourself a reason to go for something – to start a business is crucial. Intrinsic motivation is permanent unlike extrinsic motivation that will need to be fueled every time.

If you’re innately motivated, there’s so much you can achieve. Hence starting a business requires this skill so that your eagerness is stabilized even during the hardest times.


Throughout the course of getting your business off the ground it will be difficult. You’ll be disappointed and rejected couple of times. You might even fail over and over again until you lose hope that you’ll make it. And that’s why you’ll need to be resilient. This skill will enable you to bounce back and get ahead with your task like nothing ever happened.

It’s important to know that in a business you won’t have time to whine over a rejection. If you do then everything will be delayed and you might as well quit. Resilient people don’t spend time contemplating how they could’ve secured a particular deal or investment. Actually, they start preparing how they’re going to score everything in future. That’s because trying to find answers from the past will consume your time.

Whenever you encounter hardship you must bear in mind that it’s all a phase. Eventually things will change as you continue to grow your business. So you’ll need resilience in order to get back to the race after a hard fall.


Patience should be amongst the set of skills that a business-minded person should possess. Not every person can stay calm when things go South. The truth is not everything will go your way and you should be prepared for that. Your business might stray out of the right direction and head down the twist and turns. For some reason, that moment can mark the end of your startup.

Always bear in mind that you shouldn’t overreact when you encounter unexpected hiccups. Stay calm and take every experience as a lesson. It might not be easy to remain quiet without complaining when things don’t go your own way. But you must remember that endurance leads to excellence. So you should keep your head down and grind until you pass that phase.

At the you’ll be capable of dealing with different situations without overeating. Also this skill will help you to lead your staffers. It can never be easy to teach people to do a job if you aren’t patient.


Focus on what you’re doing. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett talk about focus being the key to any success. There’s going to be lot of competition when you start your business. There will be a point wherein you’ll start to doubt or question your business model. Once you lose focus, it will be much easier for you to switch your style and copy others. Any phase you go through amid the process of growing your business shouldn’t overpower your vision. However it should be a lesson. Use it to your advantage to find reasons to stay true to your vision.

Stick to the plan all the way, because the moment you alter your opinions about your business you’ll lose focus. And without focus, there won’t be doors unlocked. Most people usually claim to be consistent and the truth is, it can get hard to be you while others are trying to change you. Do not let the industry you’re in to condition you to alter your goals. Rather be the one that alter the industry so that it can be advanced.

Quote of the day

Success only cost innate qualities. Make time for self-analysis.

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