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Four Things That Sarah Langa Really Miss And We Can Relate

Sarah Langa just let the whole world know what she’s been missing. If you’re wondering how your favorite social media influencers have been coping with quarantine? The answer is: same WhatsApp group. We’ve all been washing our hands non-stop, eating, sleeping and then repeating the same routine over and over again. But for people like Sarah Langa, they’ve been living under lot of pressure to post great content during this time.

Now if you’re not familiar with the socialite, we’re happy to give you a little background. Sarah Langa is one of the proclaimed influencers in the country. With close to 400,000 Instagram followers, the girl isn’t holding back when it comes to serving great content. She mainly blogs about lifestyle, fashion and her travels. Every picture she posts is an update of her state of mind/feelings and her destination.

So now we gonna talk a little more about Sarah Langa’s state of mind. Here are the things the girl has been crazily missing during quarantine.

Sarah Langa in Paris
(Image: Sarah Langa/Instagram)

First thing on the list, Sarah Langa misses Paris. I mean who doesn’t Paris? Just look at her slaying in that caramel suit complemented with matching turtleneck and a pair of good shoes. Isn’t it true that when you give a girl the right shoes she can conquere the world? The socialite is posing outside the CoCo shop with her dark shades on. She’s a whole mood. Period!

New York buildings
(Image: Sarah Langa/Instagram)

Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty, that’s New York for you. Alicia Keys wasn’t kidding when she said the streets will make you feel brand new. The hectic traffic and noise are fulfilling, at least for someone like Sarah Langa. Big cities like these one are totally for girls like her who are chasing the dream in all parts of the world.

Sarah Langa in NYC
(Image: Sarah Langa/Instagram)

This pic was definitely taken on top one of the tall buildings of NYC. It was during her trip to New York for the fashion week. And as you can see, she is wearing one of Rich Mnisi’s masterpiece. If You’ve been following her life around on Instagram then you’re probably aware of her travel friendship with South African’s young upcoming designer, Rich Mnisi. Clearly, Sarah Langa is enjoying the full benefits of being an influencer.

Sarah Langa
(Image: Sarah Langa/Instagram)

Last but absolutely not the least, Sarah Langa misses tea. Yep, that’s right. If you’re thinking that high tea is an English tradition, well you better think again. Obviously, She is bringing the tradition to South Africa and we couldn’t agree more. The lady just can’t stop reminiscing about her afternoon days with her girls just drinking tea. Glasses of tequila aren’t the only invitation of good gossip with the girls. Sarah and her friends can prove that with cups of tea.

She is truly leaving her best life in her own terms. To many, she’s an inspiration and we can probably learn how your social media presence can actually pay your bills. We hope she keeps on soaring, because we love what she’s serving.


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