Miss South Africa 2020

Here’s What The Miss South Africa Is Looking For In A Woman This Year

The Miss South Africa pageant is by far the biggest beauty contest in the country. Every year, women with different visions yet the same mission to empower other women vie for the title. It’s no secret that winning the Miss South Africa pageant can be life changing. The crown and sash also come with a total amount of R1 million in cash, a new wardrobe to fit the crown and a brand new car.

The winner will also be allocated in a multi-million penthouse overlooking the Sandton view. There will be other packages that comes with the prize as well, like hair treatment just to mention the few. However as thrilling as the prizes are, it is never easy to reach the top final.

Candidates will have to go through a tough round of judging before making it to the top finalist. This year the Miss South Africa organization decided to go for a rebrand. The revelation earlier this week stunned lot of people, as the organization mentioned that it will make this competition as much inclusive as they can.

So if you’re thinking of securing yourself the uBuhle crown, here’s what you need to know about being Miss South Africa 2020.

1. Authenticity

Miss South Africa is someone who is true to herself and embraces every feature that she has. The judges are not looking for a copy of Demi-Leigh or Zozi. Nope. They want a fresh face, someone who’s a character of her own different story. And by serving the judges nothing but originality, you’ll have the best chance of winning.

2. Confidence

Being confident in yourself is what almost every woman preaches today. But the truth is, being confident goes beyond than just feeling good about yourself or loving how you look. It’s about embracing your flaws and accepting your true self without any complains. If you become Miss SA 2020, you’ll have to be a leading example to other women on how they should feel about themselves.

3. Powerful voice

Hold up! I’m not talking about that kind of powerful voice that make angels crying when singing. I’m talking about that kind of voice that speaks the mind loud and clear. The kind of voice that isn’t reluctant. You have to be able to talk good sense and wisdom to millions of women countrywide who are already in despair. Your Voice must draw their attention and your words must give them hope.

4. Trailblazer

That’s right. You must be able to blaze a trail. You must be innovative when it comes to bringing change in the society and rescuing women from whatever that hinders them. Leadership should also be one of the core skills you posses. As an advocate of millions of women, you must relate to each one of them and accommodate them in everything you do that concerns them.

5. Ambition

If you’re uncertain about your future, this is definitely not a route for you to take. Miss SA is a true visionary who speaks candidly about her plans and is proud of her own hustle. She puts other women’s best interests at heart throughout her struggle of social change. The organization wants to support a woman who knows what she’s doing so they can be able to celebrate her achievements. So you need to start working on that vision board ASAP.

There you have it folks. If you think you have the above mentioned features and more, then you’re definitely an ideal for Miss SA 2020.

Quote of the day

The goal isn’t to empower women so that they can be oppressors of men, but it is to equalize the standards of living so that women can as well enjoy the same privileges of being human in this world as men.


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