How can women launch

One of the most popular questions I recently came across on search engines is, how can women launch. Well, by now you’re probably asking yourself what I mean by the question. What is it that women launch? Don’t worry, because I totally understand why this title might perplex you. But even if that’s the case, I know there’s something that caught your attention and now you want to know more. The good news is that on this article I’ sharing some of the best lessons to help you get started. Well to help you as a woman to launch, if I must say.

We live in the generation wherein more and more women are realizing their strength and are willing to do more with it. I can say I’m one of those women who are making the most out of this opportunity. So you want to know why most ladies are asking themselves this question, how can women launch? The answer to that is very simple. Financial freedom and independence are the driving force behind the women of this generation. Hence every female out there wants to know how can they get there- at the peak of the mountain wherein everything is simple.

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I tell you what – before you can ask yourself how you can get there you need to know how to get started. And that’s where this question comes in. How can women launch? I will tell you everything you need to know because I have all the steps that will guide you all the way.

Launching your business or dream is never easy. But most gurus and coaches make it sound so easy and sometimes complicated. Believe me when I say it’s not rocket science because I’m talking from experience. Actually getting started is the easiest part of your hustle compared to when you’re already operating.

What you need to do to ensure that you don’t stumble upon complications during your launching stage is to follow these steps.


First things first – you need to do your research on what you are planning to achieve. Whether you are thinking of joining the army or starting a business, what you need is a proper research. You can never succeed in doing something that you’re not fully aware of. A background check on the field you need to venture in will save you from unsuccessful attempts.

The reason why I’m saying this is because I know that your mind can deceive you into believing that something is simple. Trust me, I’ve been there not once, not twice but couple of times.¬† I thought operating a business was one of the easiest things. That’s simply because I underestimated the efforts that entrepreneurs put day in and day out. But then again, let’s face it. Occasionally founders make it look like it’s a child’s play.

They tell you about the hardship of venturing into a startup and make you believe that you’ll only encounter hiccups once. That’s not true. As a matter of fact that’s how they’re trying to glamorize this whole thing called hustling. So what I’m trying to say is that do your proper research. Study the market and know who you going up against. I swear this is something you really don’t want to ignore now and attend to it later on.


We plan and God laughs, right? I know that’s what most of you are already thinking. But for a moment can we forget this saying and pretend like we don’t know about it. Of course we can all try. It’s important to know that we don’t plan for things to turn out exactly the same way we imagined. Well at least, in the business world I can say so. Planning is like a weapon for each an every dreamer or hustler. You wouldn’t really want to go on a war without a weapon.

It’s a struggle out there and without a plan you won’t make it. Although 90% of your plan might not work out, at least you’ll find that 10% very useful. Truth be told, a portion of 10% is way better than having no clue at all. So even if your plan doesn’t work out, but there will be a portion that will enlighten you.

 Raise capital

Try by all means to finance your startup no matter what the odds are. Now read that again to get my point. Most women often ignore this part whenever they’re planning on launching. The reason being that they rely more on investments. I’m not going to lie, somewhere along the way you going to need help from investors. But recruiting investors at the launching stage – that’s something I completely don’t support.

Seed investors are likely to rob you the feeling of being the boss and making decisions by yourself. You really don’t want to be in a situation wherein you feel like you need to answer to somebody. Never for a moment ever think that investors will give you their money and turn a blind eye on you. You’re a woman who sold them your vision that they truly believe in. So what makes you think they’ll give you that freedom.

Sometimes seed investors might even influence you to give up your position. What I’m trying to say is that you need to find your power first before you can open doors for investors. If you plan on doing it later in the boardroom while you’re under the watch of investors you might as well fail. Seed investors have a tendency of studying your strength and weaknesses. And once they realize that your weaknesses overweight your strength you’ll become their puppet.

Take time and save up your own money that’s going to get you started. Consider investments when you’re ready to grow your business valuation. But most importantly enjoy the opportunity of doing it along as a woman because that’s where you’ll find your power.

Have long term goals

I know that this step might sound all so basic, because you’ve heard it over and over again. But you need to take it serious because that’s a final step that you’ll need to launch. I’m assuming that growing your business to a multi-million dollar company is your long term goal. Yeah right. Money is everybody’s long term goal. Money is what get us started in the first place.

Long term goals should be all about your business’s expansion in the coming years and also its relevance to the society. Staying relevant is what’s going to keep you going as time goes on. We’re living in an everchanging world. People go out of business not because they suck at it, but because they have become irrelevant.

Most companies take the advantage that they have been in business for decades now and that what makes them respectable. However in this era, customers care less about the years you’ve been in business. They want something that is relevant to them. Still asking yourself how can women launch and be successful in the long run? Write down your long term goals. These goals should be able to tell you if your business will be competent in ten years time. Knowing if your business model is flexible enough to change and adapt in the near future should be your long term goal.


If you can master these 4 easy steps, then you won’t have trouble with launching. What’s crucial is getting started. If you can nail the first stage, you’ll surely be ready to start the second stage which is operating. Always remember that being a woman is another factor that will make things twice hard than a man. However never look at it as a negative aspect. You can use that as an advantage to be twice smart than men. Now that’s how women can launch…

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