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How Do Modern Women Thrive? (Four Tips For Success)

What are the core tips for success? Almost every successful person gets asked the same question by many people over and over again. The question shouldn’t be what the tips for success are. However, it should be what success is. Believe it or not, success means different things to different people. You might lie to yourself saying that success to you means wealth, but one way or the other you know it’s untrue.

As much as many women are striving to be successful in life, the truth is they have a higher chance of failing. Why? Well, that’s because you can never be successful until you know what success means to you. In other words you’ll be pursuing something you don’t know.

So before you intend to be successful in life, you should know what you want. That’s because success can be happiness, health, love or even motherhood. But for now let’s talk about success as wealth. What is it that you need in order to thrive financially? I have four tips for success as wealth.

Have ambitions

Quite frankly, everyone is a dreamer but few call themselves ambitious. And as you might wonder how is that possible, the answer is simple. Most people don’t take their dreams serious. They dream for the fun part of it and nothing else. But you – why do you dream the same dream every night and day? The answer to this question will determine how far you should pursue your dreams.

Once you find the purpose to every dream that you have, stick to it because it will give you guidance. Believe me, you’re going to desperately need the guidance along the way. It’s important to bear in mind that dreaming is the first step of being successful. Thus a dream without a purpose cannot give you guidance, and without guidance you’re not going anywhere further.

So don’t be afraid to question your own dreams before you invest all you have in them. You owe it to yourself to believe and invest in something that is purposeful.


This is the second step of being successful. You have assessed your ambition and you found the purpose. But you should take the next step. Validation is the most crucial aspect of your being. If your dreams aren’t valid then they are useless, there’s no point of achieving them. However, where do you get validation for your dreams? Do you get from your boss, mentor, parents or even friends?

I’ve learned that true validation comes from one’s deepest moral philosophy. Nobody should oppose you that something isn’t worthy of approval. If you think your dreams resonate with your norms then you deserve to put a stamp of approval to them. No one should have the authority to approve your dreams other than you.

And I’m saying this because women are always caught up in seeking validation from others. As a woman you need to use your power to your own advantage so you can inspire other women. Quieten every voice that is telling you No. The Yes you give yourself is enough. Believe me.

Create a vision board

I tell you what, I didn’t believe in a vision board until I tried it. You have many reasons to think that there’s no necessity of writing your dreams down. And I clearly won’t judge you on that. But the day you decide to have a vision board you’ll see the necessity of having it. A vision board gives you a road map. You write everything in order and you’ll know what you should go for firstly.

And I like to call that road map ‘the discipline for dreams’. A vision will enable you to go step by step without confusion. Whenever you’ve reached a milestone, you’ll then check on the box and take another task. And by doing so, you’ll enjoy every experience of becoming a successful woman. You’ll be able to manage your time wisely and that will be another important lesson. At the end not only will you be successful but also punctual.


You have listed your valid dreams on a vision board and now the real work begins. You act. You make a move towards being successful. In this step there are lot of obstacles. You will sweat and if you’re not organized you’ll quit. However, if you have followed the aforementioned steps carefully, you’ll strive and finally thrive.

The reason why I say so is because all the steps will become the influence to push you forward. You will now be in a situation where you know the meaning of success and it’s importance. And no matter how hard you’re challenged, you’ll forever find a way to rise above everything.

In this step there’s pain, rejection and disappointment. But always find a way to view your journey through positive lens. There’s plenty to be learnt in this stage, so take the notes. Hold on too tight and enjoy the joyride, because the hustle and bustle will make you productive. Once you reach the peak of your career, you’ll miss the experiences. So while you get knocked down every second, make it count because it won’t be forever.

Quote of the day

There is simplicity in any form of success, but there’s hardship in every path of being successful


These are the core four tips for success for any woman. Implement them and enjoy the result.

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