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How To Be A Boss Lady? (Try These Easy Four Steps)

How to be a boss lady? This is a typical question that almost every aspiring female entrepreneur asks. Women want to know how to be a boss lady before they venture into their startups. The reason is that, they know that a lot can go wrong in the absence of good leadership. However being a boss lady isn’t rocket science. Maybe your fears might make you believe that you have to read every leadership book ever written. Or even enroll in business school just to become the best boss lady. But trust me that’s not how it should be.

Running a company can be stressful, that I know of. And if you’re an armature, investors will notice it quickly and your startup will even have a better chance of failing. So what do you do? How to you become the boss lady that has everything figured out? Well, the answer to the question is rather simple. Follow these four easy steps and you’ll surely become the best boss lady in no time.

Mold your mindset

Your mindset is pivotal to your successful career. Frankly, what you think will profoundly determines what you do and how you do it. The ideal mindset of a boss lady shouldn’t be conservative. You need to start making some huge changes in your perspective. Do not only consider things in your own point of view. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and from there test what kind of opinions you’ll cultivate. In that way, it’s simply thinking outside the box in plain explanation.

Your mind should be eager to explore any kind of theories and traditions that societies have forever carried out from generation to generation. You’ll do that by also taking into considerations the reasons that are available. However, you should be creative enough to cultivate your own reasons as well. Form your own knowledge that is supported by strong valid reasons. And you should know better that good knowledge comes from experiences and questioning things the way they are.

Be a reasonable person. For everything that you think of say you should have valid reasons as your back-up. Once you allow your mind to feed off the good knowledge, it will be easier for you to identify the wise and unwise people. Knowledge will enable you to always be ahead of people. Thus stereotypes will not succeed in dictating you. Train your mind to be stronger that your feelings. This will save you from not being emotional at every encounter with people and also to not take things personal.

Groom your personality

It is important to know that you cannot groom your personality without molding your mindset firstly. Your actions are dependent on your thoughts. If you think like a boss lady, you’ll definitely act like a boss lady. However, there’s been an ongoing debate about how bosses should be. Some believe that a good boss should be intimidating whilst others oppose that by stating a good boss should be respected. So which one is ideal, fear or respect?

I say a boss should be respected rather than feared by the employees. As a woman you’ll probably have the pressure of proving that you can lead in the good way and have things done effectively. It is because, women are often challenged with underestimation from mem mostly and this ends up affecting their performance. Men will always have something to say just to offend you or even see how you react. But your molded mind will help you to not take everything personal. You’ll avoid acting on your emotions because they will land you in a trap.

From time to time men will set a trap for you so that when you act emotionally they get to prove that you’re too weak to be in the corporate world. As a boss lady, you don’t have to be a feminist and strive to convince all men that you’re a competitive individual. Be calm and focus on thriving. Avoid unnecessary arguments to show that you’re knowledgeable. However stand your ground when you state your opinions. Intelligent people are the ones that always listen. So be that intelligent boss lady.

Take your time to listen to what people have to say because that’s the only way you can measure their intelligence. Knowledge is character. What you say gives people an idea of what you truly are. Thus when you talk too much you become an open book that lacks appealing content. Also talking less will save you from embarrassment when it comes to a topic you’re not familiar with.

Have a closet makeover

As they say, you’ll be addressed according to how you’re dressed. Your clothes means so much about you and can give people a whole idea of who you are. Additionally, certain type of dress codes may attract different people. If you wear casual to an office cocktail party, people won’t take you serious. Well, that’s because your clothes will be telling them that you’re not part of their world. So it is crucial to look presentable and to choose clothes that best describes you as a boss lady.

However you really don’t have to wear the basic formal clothes just to look presentable. You’re not obliged to wear skirts and blazers always as much as you’ll stick to black, navy and white clothes. There are plenty of ways that you can mix and match your clothes. Even though you might have the most colorful clothes, what matters is how presentable they are. Presentation is key.

There so many formal outfit inspirations for women on Instagram. You can check them out to be inspired on your work closet. When you’re doing shopping, you should start focusing on the clothes that you spend most time wearing. That will be a lot wiser than shopping casual clothes knowing exactly that you only wear casual once in a week. Your hairstyle and manicure must always be on point. Learn to increase the budget for your hair at the salon. Wear heels even if they aren’t stilettos and smell good. Your scent as a lady explains so much about you.

Be organized

Here I’m going to discuss mostly your life in general, from what you eat, who you hang around with and how you manage your time. The first thing that a leader must respect is time. Always be punctual to meetings and work. Rather be earlier that one minute late. In the corporate world, time is money. Investors are always busy sorting and negotiating other things. So it is reasonable that they won’t tolerate you being few seconds late.

Have a good night sleep when you know that you have a very important day ahead of you. Have your chosen outfit in place. Prepare for what’s going to come. Even though you might not know the odds at least be ready. Refrain from using informal speech when talking with colleagues and investors. Let go of bad habits and teach yourself good ones. Take good care of your health and attract positivity in your life. As a result you’ll be successful.

Quote of the day

Knowledge is character


If you follow these easy steps you’ll become the most gracious boss lady that has everything under control. However you should know that knowledge will never be enough. Continue to learn new things and take every experience as a good lesson.

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