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How To Be Pageant Ready? (Six Tips To Help You Excel)

Are you considering competing in a beauty pageant for the first time? Don’t worry because we got you covered. The road to being a beauty queen can be stressful, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. Some women even opt for the fastest way of winning and that’s getting a couch. However, if you’re budget is a bit tight, you might wanna do it yourself.

There’s no guarantee that women who go through the process of professional judging have a better chance of winning than those who didn’t. It is important to know that in pageantry, what matters the most is your competence and mindset. So before working on your competence and molding your mindset, here are the few tips you should also take into consideration.

1. Do your research about the beauty pageant

At the end of each pageant competition the winner get a crown and a sash, but that doesn’t mean all beauty pageants are the same. Every organization represent different mission and duties that the winner will have to carry out. For example, the Miss Earth pageant is mainly focused on the environment and climate change. Entering this type of pageant will mean that you’ll have to be familiar with affairs about climate change.

You’ll have to visit the organization’s social media platform in order to get all the answers you want. Also, you must ensure that you meet all the criteria of the pageant before filling out the form.

2. Groom your personality

I know you might be satisfied with your personality and all that you have to offer. But believe me, you might not appeal to the panel of judges when you go for regional judging. The judges are very strict and careful about choosing the right woman to be the ambassador.

So an ideal personality to the judges should be someone with a vision, good deeds and knowledge about subject matters. You must be a paragon of virtue and carry yourself with great poise. Confidence should be the first trait that everyone notice about you. You must also be well spoken considering the fact that you’ll spend lots of time in front of people.

Work on how you speak, walk and behave. Learn how to stand with poise. But most importantly be humbled and your views shouldn’t offend others.

3. Mold your mindset

Your mindset will determine your vision and influence your behavior. Be that woman with big dreams and plans for tomorrow. You must be knowledgeable about current affairs and formulate your views about certain events. Remember that most questions will come from what is currently happening.

Watch previous pageants shows and follow former titleholders and see what they all have in common. Learn what you think will be essential to you. I’d recommend you follow Miss USA 2017 Deshuna Barber if you want to restructure your mindset.

4. Know yourself completely

On the application you’ll find more personal questions. During the interview, the judges will ask you questions that are related to what you wrote on your paperwork. You should be able to give them a clear picture of what you’re about outside the room. Your answers must convince them entirely to invest their trust in you for being the perfect candidate. If you don’t want to talk about certain things in your life, you shouldn’t include that on your paperwork.

5. You’ll need a wardrobe makeover

Okay, I get it. You’re already panicking when I mention a wardrobe makeover. Calm down. You don’t have to rearrange your entire closet for the pageant. But what you have to do is to have presentable clothes set aside. You can’t show up to a beauty pageant interview wearing shorts and a crop top.

This interview is just like any other typical job interview. Your clothes will give the judges an idea of what type of a woman you are. You don’t necessarily have to go all formal. Just dress according to what the application form says about dress code. If you need fashion tips, you can always check that on Instagram.

6. Enjoy the process

Despite being your first time entering a beauty pageant competition, you shouldn’t be under pressure. If you apply all these given tips above while you still have time, you’ll nail the competition. Don’t doubt yourself because it will affect your competence. Go with the flow. Create a friendship with other contestants and make some memories.

Don’t enter the pageant with a mentality of winning, because you won’t enjoy the process. Just do your best and hope to learn or achieve something by the end of time.


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