There’s nothing I like more than a woman who knows what she truly wants and isn’t afraid to go and claim it. Jackie Aina is exactly the kind of woman I’m talking about. She’s an unapologetic goal-digger and that’s a fair description of Miss Independence. Jackie Aina started her journey back in 2009 when she first launched her YouTube channel with a hope to push boundaries. Going against everything women of color are told not to do with makeup was her catchy tagline. The self-explanatory tagline gave every person an idea of what she embodied even before they watched her videos.

Since then Jackie Aina has found her bold voice on social media and has used it impactfully. With over 3.5 subscribers on YouTube, Jakie has been consistent in creating good content. The same thing applies to her Instagram account wherein she has amassed 1,6 million followers. The American-Nigerian born has cherished the privileges of her hard work. She has proven countless times that with the sharp mindset anything is possible.

Having collaborated with big companies and also succeeding in her Too Faced foundation range in 2017, Jackie finally found her vocation. The influencer has taken the leap of faith and launched her own lifestyle brand called FORVR Mood. Lucky enough The Wall Street Journal was there to commentate her enthralling journey and her future plans. And I’m gonna say this candidly, no story is fascinating more than the one of  a woman detailing her ambitions vividly. Well, that’s because in each an every word she says there’s hope. And that same hope can be a motive to thousands of other women to finally opt for independence.

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Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina chose Jessica Simpson as her alter ego, since the singer founded her own billion-dollar fashion line. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, the lifestyle influencer revealed the plans of her newly launched brand.

“I want to be on my Jessica Simpsons. I want to have my whole empire someday, hopefully in the next 10 to 15 years.” She told WSJ.

The boss babe has spoken out candidly about being content with her persistence and no longer afraid to take more risks. She said that now she feels like she’s more loud compared to few years back when she was starting out. Interestingly, Jackie Aina credits the issues of race and injustice for prompting her to be bolder with her callouts. With FORVR Mood the beauty influencer hopes to make every women feel like THAT girl without spending much.

The brand stand firm on offering authenticity rather than a facade. Every woman who’ll jump on board and hit the journey with them will enjoy a full pack of vibe and whole mood. With that in mind, women of this era are lucky to have a woman like Jaikie reshaping society. And that’s why I always say there’s no better time to be alive and to be a woman than this one.

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