Jordyn Woods has been doing just fine all by herself. Thanks for asking. Its been a year now since the most publicized fall out of Jordyn Woods and her former bff Kylie Jenner. However it still feels like yesterday. Well, that’s because time really flies. And if you’re thinking that everyone is holding on to the past to make things right, well you’re mistaken. At least for Jordyn Woods it’s all history now and she has no desire convincing people to forgive her. She said what she had to say and now she’s living her best life.

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(Image: Jordyn Woods/Instagram)

Jordyn Woods is a hustler and you need to move out of the way because she’s coming fast. From entrepreneurship to social media influencing, this girl has been handling all things like a queen. While others might assume that she learned all the tricks from the Kardashians, I say they don’t deserve to take credit for her success. And before you can say that the Kardashians made her, you need to hold up cause I need to tell you something.

Jordyn Woods saw an opportunity, grabbed it with both hands and ran with it all the way. That Tristan scandal nearly ended her. However she used it as a motivation to bounce back and be independent. If it wasn’t for her resilience and determination after the scandal, she would be a nobody today. Thus the only person that deserves credit is Jordyn’s mother, Elizabeth Woods. She owns the Woods Management Group. Clearly she’s been negotiating all the big deals for her daughter. Big ups to the momager.

Jordyn Woods and Elizabeth Woods
(Image: Elizabeth Woods/Instagram)

From her Frst.Place program to showing us her white Bentley, Jordyn has been offering nothing but good content.

J Woods Sheen magazine
(Image: Jordyn Woods/Instagram)

Recently the model made a big revelation of her Sheen magazine cover. She stunned everyone, including us of course when she shared the snaps from her cover shoot. And oh so damn, we approve.

Jordyn Woods Sheen Magazine
(Image: Jordyn Woods/Instagram)

In the magazine the influencer will be discussing facing adversities and building her own empire from scratch. From acting to singing, Jordyn is super keen to explore her passions and talents.

Jordyn Woods
(Image: Jordyn Woods/Instagram)

“I think this is the time to really lock in on yourself. Learn yourself, know yourself and find an outlet for your self-expression – whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, whatever it is. Find a way to express yourself. Those outlets are really important as well as your faith in God or finding your faith in your spirituality, whatever it may be. For me it was finding my faith in God.” Said Jordyn Woods in the interview for Sheen magazine.

She’s making it known that she’s here to stay and we better get used to the fact that she lives by her own rules. So next time you see her please don’t refer to her as the former bff of somebody else. She has long ditched the title and wants you to know that her name is Jordyn Woods. Period.

The July/August Sheen magazine issue will be available on Tuesday 23rd of June. You surely might want to read this summer edition because it has all the hot girl summer essentials.

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