Jordyn Woods OnlyFans

In a world where Beyonce sings about OnlyFans, it makes sense why people like Jordyn Woods are hopping in. First of all Jordyn Woods didn’t know about OnlyFans until the pandemic forced everyone to remain locked up indoors. If you’re like Jordyn Woods before covid19 and you’ve been living under a rock to not know about OnlyFans, here’s a background.

OnlyFans is a UK based platform on the Gram that allows users to share content for their fans specifically on a subscription fee. Well in 2020 you should know by now that being a follower doesn’t make you a fan. So in order to prove your loyalty to the person you’re following you should consider hitting the subscription button. Haha! Just kidding. But on a serious note OnlyFans isn’t for free. Couple of weeks ago Jordyn Woods celebrated her birthday and for some reason she dubbed 2020 her Jordan year. Isn’t this amazing?

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Woods kept the invitation small and it only included her inner circle. Fans were inundated with the pics she’s been sharing prior to her actual birthday until the big day. But what really left everyone stunned was the announcement of her relationship with NBA player.

Back to the OnlyFans account, Complex quickly caught up with Jordyn after they learned about her venture into the platform. The influencer had so much to say that left many fans eager to subscribe. Although the platform is notoriously known for its explicit content shared by users, Jordyn wants everyone to know that she’s bringing something different.

As a matter of fact the gorgeous hustler spoke about authenticity like it was a fashion bible verse. Jordyn Woods believes that OnlyFans will be the only safe place on social media where she’ll share content without being shamed. Her fans shouldn’t expect to see her nudes as she’ll only be sharing her authentic journey about her life. So much has happened in her life that could’ve ended her completely. But Jordyn fought consistently for her future in Hollywood, otherwise she could’ve been history.

“…I saw a beautiful opportunity to show a completely different side of myself that I’ve always wanted to show.” Jordyn Woods said in the interview when asked about OnlyFans.

As this news came as a shock to many people, Jordyn has set the record very straight. She said that joining the platform doesn’t mean she’s going to take away from people who are already killing it in there. So if you’ve been there or know somebody who’s been on OnlyFans, tell them to chill and get keep on grinding. Honestly it’s very refreshing to hear about Jordyn’s positivity. Meanwhile let’s wait until she make things happen with her photographer.



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