Kefilwe Mabote

Being single is something that most women still can’t open up about it without cringing with shame. But Kefilwe Mabote is here to teach women how to embrace being single. The truth is, for so long there has been some misconceptions about being a single woman. These erroneous beliefs are most likely affiliated with shaming women. Thus most ladies would rather not label themselves as singletons. After Kefilwe Mabote came out as a proud singleton, her female fans felt very empowered. Perhaps this can be a wake up call that being a singleton isn’t bad after all. It’s a personal choice of reinvesting your time in discovering the real you.

Kefilwe Mabote had a rough start of 2021. On the 30th of December she announced the most tragic news about her mom’s death. She wrote a heartfelt caption venting her sadness to her 1.1 million followers. However we all know that a caption despite how well-written it is can never mirror the pieces of a broken heart. Following her mom’s funeral Kefilwe Mabote then decided to take a break from social media.

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For almost a month, the luxury lifestyle influencer has been MIA and her followers were beginning to miss her. But now it’s all clear that the break she took was more like a time for self-introspection. Recently the author has made a comeback on Instagram as a brand new Kefi Boo, as they call her. She inundated her followers with a plethora of pics that made everybody feel like she’s been gone for a year. However what caught everybody’s attention was the declaration she made in her caption.

Kefilwe Mabote
Instagram: Kefilwe Mabote

“Good evening to my fellow singletons. Being single?! A beautiful journey! Had to rediscover myself, wants, dislikes and non-negotiable. And one thing about me?! I’m nosediving back into work after ending my mourning period. Ready to conquer and take over. And remember ladies: one has to be amazing to be a good addition into your life. Azishe, let’sgo.”

Now that’s the kind of spirit Kefilwe Mabote manifested amid her comeback. Prior to this dramatic declaration of herself, Kefi boo shared consecutive posts that reads, here’s to advance beginnings. Clearly fans didn’t get the memo with these posts until she got straight to the point. She’s now dedicated to investing all that energy into her work. And we all know that work ethic bears good things in life. So Big Up to Kefi Boo, because we’re here to cheer for her.

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