If there’s anyone who knows good fashion from the inside out, it’s definitely Kefilwe Mabote. And of course her Instagram account is a proof backing up our statement. If you go and scroll her feed then you’ll be saving us time to explain to you why we proclaim her as the fashion queen. As a renowned South African influencer, Kefilwe Mabote is always on point. Well, perhaps it’s safe to say that her fashion forwardness is her only mission.

Speaking of which, obviously Kefilwe Mabote is back on business since the lockdown is eased. But before you start groaning, just know that she’s slaying and staying safe at the same time. Not so long ago the South African darlin was at The Houghton Hotel. Only God knows what business brought her there. But that doesn’t stop us from being grateful for the fashion inspiration she gave us. Sharing her snaps with her fans, Miss Mabote knew exactly what to say.

Blessing your timelines tonight because white is a color closest to God’s heart.


Everybody knows that she doesn’t disappoints when it comes to captions. In the snaps Kefilwe Mabote adorn herself in a pure white blazer that screamed elegance all the way. We all know that Kefilwe Mabote is proudly obsessed with white. But seeing her on the picture absolutely felt like the first time we saw her rocking this color.

Fresh milk anyone?

The social media influencer literally knows how to bloom where she’s planted. Standing in a contemporary space that represent an absolute finish of sleekness and whiteness, she looks like a complete work of style. Her blazer is so chic with a right amount of details.

Kefilwe Mabote

The pockets have zippers, so is the entire length of the blazer. The side zipper runs all the way from her chest to the hem that cuts into a stylish slip. As for the waist belt, there’s a bit of drama that it adds considering the way it fastens.

Pops of gold on the the zippers, belt and buttons is a cherry on top for the sleek attire. Kefilwe Mabote opted to accessorized her look with white shades from Prada. Also complementing her look, the influencer opted for a white Tom Ford bag. Damn! It doesn’t get better than this.

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