Kim Kardashian Stuns Fans With Fresh Faced 7th Grade Pic

Kim Kardashian shocked her 165 million followers with a throwback pic of her good old days before fame.

If you think Kim Kardashian has always been the queen of the glitz and glam, then honey you’re totally mistaken. The socialite has proven to us that she hasn’t always been what she is today.

The KUWTK star has taken us back to the good old days when glamorous looks weren’t much a priority to her. And we still can’t decide whether we like the famous Kim or the innocent make-up free Kim. But we like both versions of her anyway. I mean, that’s Kim Kardashian we’re talking about. What’s there not to like?

Recently the mother four has shared an innocent faced picture of her younger version. And if you’re wondering how she looks, (duh!) she’s a bundle of cuteness. Nothing much has changed about her as she was rocking her dark hair.

She was photogenic as she still is these days. Anyone who’d have seen her back then could’ve predicted that she was going to be the queen of selfies.

(Image: Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

It appears that the throwback pic of Kim was from her days when she was still in 7th grade. She posted this single rare pic and captioned it: “7th grade coolness,”

Comments started floating in immediately and her big sister Kourtney had a crazy secret to share.

“You put cream bleach on your hand and ran it through your hair the day before school started for that cool orange streak,” Kourtney commented.

It wasn’t only Kourtney who had something to say about Kim’s hair. Lot of people went on to compliment the hair color, which was of course Kim’s efforts (Kris Jenner shouldn’t take credit for it). Obviously, the 39 year old socialite has always been creative in the department of glam. Perhaps she knew from the early age what she wanted to become.


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