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Kylie Jenner’s Office Look Raise The Game For Work Attire

I’m not sure what to say about Kylie Jenner’s office look, because everything just wowed me. When I saw the series of snaps accompanied by the caption, my jaws dropped. Like literally I don’t know if it’s okay to say Kylie Jenner’s office look is a Kar-Jenner thang. But if that makes perfect sense, call it that. I know most of the ladies in the workplace are already contemplating this new look. It’s no secret that the makeup mogul just trailblazed a trend that millennials are feeling guilty for envying it. I get it because I also feel that way wondering if it will be okay to show up at work like that. The sad truth is, most of the workplace are biased and have strict dress codes.

As much as Kylie Jenner’s office look might seem like the ultimate trend for everywoman, the reality is pretty much sad. For some of us we’re obliged to stick to the boring dress code and pretend as if we’re antiquated. Now we must understand that for Kylie it’s much simpler for her to show up like this because she’s the boss. Also we’re must take into cognizance that Jenner is in a different industry. For heaven’s sake she runs a makeup and skincare company that’s almost similar to haute couture. It’s crystal clear that everybody in her workplace is permitted to be expressive any how in terms of fashion.

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The good news is that, even if you we can’t copy the look for our workdays we can always try it for weekends. Surely, you’ll make a statement if you show up to a paper wearing what’s dubbed as Kylie Jenner’s office look. T-shirts and knee-length boots have always been a style that most women opted for. These simplicity in every sense as much as it’s super casual.

Kylie Jenner's office look

On the pictures Kylie Jenner can be seen wearing a gray thin-stripped shirt with black leather boots. The shirt is from Alexander Wang and has puffed sleeves that echoes class and sophistication. As for the leather boots, they’re a Dior creation. Although we’re not sure whether Kylie is already at the office but we truly know that she would rock this look to work.

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