Laura Blair didn’t come here to play – she’s here to slay us all and I couldn’t ask for more. Having the privilege to play with high-end fashion clothes is one of the perks of being a blogger. At least Laura Blair can agree with me on this one. She lives in a world where there are no rules and limits to what she can put on and step out. And I must say that she always gets it right. I always get stuck on her Instagram feed looking for a variety of fashion inspirations. The truth is Laura Blair has everything for everyone and that’s what makes her page rather fascinating.

Recently the English blogger shared a post. It was just another regular day in the fashionable life of Laura Blair. She had put together different pieces to come up with the final look that checks every box. As for the catchy caption, she definitely had a point.

Life’s too short to wear boring clothes’

I couldn’t help but to be feel guilty because on lazy days I always go for boring clothes. But what could literally be boring clothes in Laura’s fashionable views? I mean honestly, Laura have the skills to make a statement with every piece she wears. Perhaps boring clothes she means pajamas. But even pajamas these days have been reinvented to fit the exact meaning of lounge wear.

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Laura Blair

The fashion blogger stunned in a fading blue turtleneck sweater and high-waisted white jeans. On top she wore a caramel double breasted jacket matching it with a wide brim fedora. She opted to pair the look with white boots and accessorized the entire look with a denim blue Dior saddle pouch.

I genuinely love the fact that Laura didn’t stick on dark colors only. Adding pops of blue under the caramel blazer make her outfit fun. Although this is an autumn style, she still managed to make it summer bright without overdoing it.

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