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Malala Has Officially Closed Her College Chapter

Time really flies. Well at least Malala can agree with me on this one. It wasn’t long ago when Malala first packed her bags and left to college. If you didn’t know, Malala got accepted at the Oxford university in 2017 to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics. And little fast forward she has graduated.

Technically, Malala is one of the biggest names that can be associated with the likes of Michelle Obama. Yes of course, the former first lady. Her work of activism continues to inspire many girls all around the world. And It’s no secret that getting her degree after all the odds will be inspirational as well.

Around mid-June the young activist posted a picture of her and her family celebrating her recent milestone. She was literally showered in cake. Well, as for her body it definitely looked like a cream disaster. But all that didn’t matter since she successfully acquired her long-anticipated degree.

(Image: Malala/Instagram)

As an advocate for girls’ education, it explains why getting a degree was profoundly important to her. Growing up in Pakistan, being a girl and having access to education was an exception. And that’s definitely the reason why she felt like there was a need to fight the Taliban system.

(Image: Malala/Instagram)

Recently, Malala shared a series of her former university Oxford. She literally shared an emotional part of her that usually any graduate feels when leaving the campus.

(Image: Malala/Instagram)
Malala wrote:

“I collected all my belongings from my college @lmhoxford today (teary emoji) I will miss you forever.”

Probably she is not alone. Any graduate who has made memories in that place will surely have a hard time in closing the chapter. But that’s just part of life, every journey has an end. Quite frankly I’m so curious to know what’s next for the activist. In her prior post she did mention that she’ll Netflix, read and sleep though.

Whatever she does to entertain herself it’s okay. It’s not like the world has fully recovered from the pandemic. So meanwhile, congratulations are in order for our trailblazer Nobel Prize Recipient.



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