Mihlali Ndamase has always relished the freedom of experimenting with different kinds of style. From keeping it sporty yet chic to striking hard with edgy elegance, she knows what she’s doing. Despite being a makeup vlogger, that doesn’t limit her taste in fashion. Frankly Mihlali Ndamase knows how to play mix and match using different fashionable pieces to create a trend. For that reason, it’s safe to say that her sense of style is one to be carefully observed by aspiring stylists and fashion bloggers.

Speaking of style, Mihlali Ndamase made a fabulous return to her Instagram page after going MIA for few days. And the comeback undeniably took me down the memory lane when The Slits sang Typical Girls. There’s no secret that jeans and t-shirts played a vital role in shaping the casual look in the 70s.

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Thanks to the style makers of the 70s who trail blazed chic trends using jeans that would live on forever. Fast forward to this day, people like Mihlali Ndamase are capable of replicating the style in a perfect manner. The makeup vlogger might have successfully challenged herself and the history of jeans. I believe her casual look defines the future of jeans amongst women of this generation.

While fashion brands might’ve normalized the style of tuck-ins with bodysuits, it’s still not preferable for women to tuck in t-shirts. Usually most women might opt to let their t-shirts hang loosely around their torso with a pair of shorts or jeans.

But as for Mihlali, she did something with a look that isn’t an option to most ladies. The South African influencer wore high-waisted jeans and white printed t-shirt. She has tucked in her t-shirt and then hugged her waist with a brown Louis Vuitton belt. Her pair of heels are nude and perfectly suitable to compliment her outfit. Adding more fun to her look, she opted for a bright red Givenchy handbag. Also the hoop earrings put a final stamp of approval.


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